How To Excel At Being A Working Mum

Five ways to survive the anxiety of leaving the house.

Two years ago my little girl was born. It was decided that I would be the parent that returned to work. It has been something I have struggled with since that day. Little did I know how difficult it was going to be until it happened.

A Typical Day

I leave at 7am. I looked into my little girl’s eyes as she follows me around the room and my heart breaks. She has developed to an age where she knows the signs that mum is leaving. I am sure the effect on me is far worse than the effect on her. I miss her every minute of the day. I wonder what she is doing and wish I could see her smile. My mind is forever occupied with her face.

When I return from work she is always waiting at the window for me. We have started this little game where she puts her hand against the window and I cover it with mine from outside.

Being a Teacher

As a teacher, I am extremely lucky in the amount of time I do get to stay with her. Every holiday we get to spend some quality time together. After holidays is always the worse. It is getting increasingly difficult as she has got older. I have to go through the heartache of leaving my little bundle at home. This is especially hard when you have spent every day together over the last couple of weeks.

You Are Not Alone.

The figure for working mothers, in the UK, increased to 1.2 million in 2019 so I know I am not alone in this dilemma.

I often pay in strange ways for my absence. Refusals to go to bed and the heartbreak when she cries and prefers her other parent.

Five Ways to Survive.

  1. Spend quality time with your little one when you return home. The washing, clearing up and hoovering can all wait.
  2. Be honest when they get old enough to know you are leaving. Explain to them where you are going and why you work. It will develop a good work ethic in the future.
  3. Be honest with your colleagues if you are having a bad day, let them know. If they care they will support you.
  4. If you get a lunch break, technology is great. Give the little one a call and let them see your face.
  5. Enjoy every minute you can spend with your little one, a bedtime story, a bath any activity where it can be the two of you. If your partner has been left at home they will thank you for the time to themselves.

All this anguish is bearable though when you see them smile when you get home. I get a strange type of pride when my better half tells me that I often get the first laugh all day.

How do you juggle your work, home life?

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