How To Use Social Media As A Writer & The Surprise Elements They Hide.


Once my favourite social media platform, the attraction is dwindling. There is a culture of people following for a follow back and then unfollow. This lack of genuine interaction has ruined my experience recently.

Over the last month, I have gained 50 new followers, yet my follower’s count has remained the same. That is the extent of this culture. This means that it has no real advantage to writers as few of your followers are genuine and want to read your work.

I am reluctant to share any of myself on Twitter now. I haven’t had one decent conversation and interaction on there in months. At present, I am considering a Twitter break and have cut back on my interaction.


As I have developed my following I have observed that Instagram has turned into a dating site. The personal message function has opened up a new experience for many.

This is how the interaction goes. A follow from a man with limited photos of himself. They are headshots like those on a dating site. Then if they hook you to follow them back the private messages start.

Although, it is annoying it is easy to rectify, don’t follow them back so they can’t message you. Within a day or two, yes you guessed it, they unfollow you.

As a writer, I have met many like-minded people and enjoy interacting with them. It has been a real surprise to me how much I enjoy my time on Instagram.


This has been a big surprise for me recently. I confined LinkedIn to scheduled automated posts only. Then I started spending time there and I’m hooked.

If you work hard and develop genuine relationships you will reap the rewards. It is an easy platform to gain followers on.

It has been a slow progression for me, but I have started building a great following. Through your profile, you can link to other accounts such as your website and other articles.

Although I am in the early exploratory stage with LinkedIn I can’t wait to build on the platform. This is one that is definitely staying in my writing career.


My page has helped me fall back in love with Facebook. Many people criticise the platform for trolls. I have not had this experience.

Through my group and page, I have many positive interactions with people. I run a weekly writing competition on my page and post regular links to posts. Facebook provides me with the best pick up rate for shared posts.

Friends can drive me mad on Facebook with their political posts. My writing friends have become valuable to me and I love the connection I get through it.

Facebook is my main focus at the moment for increasing my writing following.

Quora / Reddit / Pinterest

There are several other sites that are popular with writers. Pinterest is one which I have never got to grips with. Many writers use it to promote their writing. I have tried on many occasions and never reaped any reward.

Flipboard is a recent application I stumbled upon. I will link my article on it below. Although I love the reading function on it I am unsure how it will increase my reads. I am promoting posts on there, at present, I have reaped no reward.

Reddit is another application I have seen mentioned to increase reads. I have just downloaded it so am super new. At present, I can see no advantage to having it.

Quora I have tried before but was so full of trolls and negativity I deleted it and decided never to touch it again.

Social media will boost your reads, but not as much as quality writing. Don’t use the time you could be writing on social media.

 Marketing is only one part of a writers journey.

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