The Dark – Microfiction

It’s dark I feel around me and can’t find it. Where has it gone, why has it left me alone?

I’m going to cry I have been left with nothing. Everything I held dear, has left me. Left me alone to stumble around in this dark cage.

The fear rises in my chest. I can’t believe this has happened to me. I always followed all the rules and now I’m alone. I cry out for help. I cry out as loud as my voice will allow me.

I hear movement. Maybe, someone to help me. I hear the door open, I cry a bit louder. Then I see the face. It’s her she has returned to me. She reaches behind me, smiles and places it back in my mouth.

Silly me, it was under my bum all this time. The dark is never that bad when I can smell my mum.

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