Why I Don’t Worry About Top Writer Status & Why You Shouldn’t Either.

Measure your success in a different way

I mean no disrespect to any of my fellow writers who are proud of Top Writer status in Medium. In fact, I will celebrate your successes alongside you. For me, it has never been something I measure success on.

There are plenty of other parts to Medium I am obsessed with – claps, reads, curation.

My mental health is thankful that Top Writer isn’t one of my obsessions.

The first reason it was never very important is I never receive the email to say I have been awarded, Top Writer. Sometimes I’m Top Writer and I don’t even realise it.

The second reason is there seems to be no reason why some get Top Writer and some don’t. I have been awarded Top Writer in books and social media. I have only written a handful of posts on these subjects. ‘Writing,’ a tag I use on virtually every post has never been awarded to me.

I also celebrate the fact that I write on such a range of subjects.

I cover so many tags it’s harder for me to get a Top Writer status.

My websites concentrate on a couple of niche subjects. Medium gives me the freedom to share all my other random thoughts and articles. I’m encouraged by the number of writers who have adopted this approach.

I’m not alone in this recently Justin Cox commented.

I couldn’t recommend The Writing Cooperative slack group enough. This is one of many excellent discussions on there.

The main reason you shouldn’t worry about Top Writer status is the ease with which you can trick the algorithm.

By writing for topics that have few articles you can gain Top Writer. This means the Top writer tag is awarded with only a few 100 claps. Is this the mark of a Top Writer?

I read this post the other week it describes how the writer had gained Top Writer status in “It Happened To Me”

He found a tag with few stories, wrote many posts using this tag and was awarded the status in 3 weeks.

Within the various stats with which you can measure success, I don’t think Top Writer should be one of them. You are welcome to disagree with me.

As a whole, the measure that I use to define a successful article is reader engagement.

Genuine comments from readers will always be a better measure than a Medium algorithm.

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