What to Do When Your Child Has an Infantile Seizure

The do’s and don’ts when faced with an infantile seizure.

Infantile seizures are more common than you think. Last week my little one suffered a series of seizures, due to a high temperature. A temperature is anything over 37.5C when taking a child’s temperature, orally.

In the majority of cases, these are nothing to worry about. They stop when the child turns 5 years old. They are also often only triggered by high temperatures. On rare occasions, they may be a sign of something underlying. It is always wise to seek medical attention on the first occasion.

Young children under 5 are most prone to these infantile seizures. Two to five percent of young people suffer from these. Their young bodies are not as capable as an adult to regulate their temperature. When their body temperature goes above 40C a seizure is likely to occur. Once your child has had one infantile seizure they are then 40% likely to have another.

This can be one single seizure or a series known as cluster seizures. My little girl suffered four in a row as her temperature rocketed to 41.9C.

Although these can seem scary, they have no long term effects. Today one week after her stay in the hospital, my little one is back to her normal cheeky self. She is being naughty, she feels better. Simple seizures have never provided any evidence of long term effects.

The Do’s and Don’t When Faced With an Infantile Seizure.

  • Don’tput anything into their mouth.
  • Don’ttry to restrain them in any way.
  • Don’t give them any medication, whilst in the middle of a seizure.
  • Do give medication after the seizure to try and lower the child’s temperature.
  • Do time how long the seizure goes on for. Medical professionals will need this information.
  • Do put them on their side, as close to the recovery position as possible.
  • Do seek medical advice.

Seizures are very frightening, remember that these are common in infants. If unsure at any time always seek medical help.

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