How To Discover Your Unique Writer’s Voice

What Is A Writer’s Voice & How Do You Develop It?

In essence, it is essential to be yourself when writing.

What is your writer’s voice? You may have seen the saying many times, but what does it mean?

The articles and novels I like to read are the ones who have a strong writer’s voice. Simply put, a writer’s voice is an individual writing style, which can be made up of several factors.

  • Your use of grammar and sentence structure
  • Your use of language
  • Your tone
  • Your personality, your take on the world
  • Your attitude, how you see the world.

How to Start Developing Your Voice

When you start writing it can be a struggle to find your writer’s voice. As you read articles you may find yourself mimicking the voice of others. Although this should be avoided, it is understandable. Time will rectify this and making it easier. Listen carefully and your voice will emerge.

A good writer’s voice takes you on a journey and whispers in your ear.

Don’t worry if you write several different genre’s. It is acceptable to adopt a different voice for each genre. Think of this as different sides of your personality.

To develop your writing voice you need a clear idea of what you want to communicate and how.

Tips to Find Your Writer’s Voice

Be natural — Do not feel pressurised into writing something you don’t want to. If you want to write funny fiction then write something that makes you laugh.

Don’t Over Edit — Editing is important to any piece of writing. However, don’t edit a piece so much that you lose your personality and natural style.

Don’t Be Afraid — Be yourself. You are unique and talented. Let this shine through with your natural personality in your writing.

Don’t Try Too Hard — Write at a level you are comfortable with. Don’t try to write academic articles, if this is not your style. Write at a level you are comfortable and your authentic voice will shine through.

Talk as if you are sat having a coffee with a friend.

Questions To Help If You Still Struggle.

  • Who inspires you to write and what is it about their voice you like?
  • What gives you confidence, what could you write about?
  • What genre and age range interests you?
  • Are you a naturally funny person? What makes you laugh, will make others laugh.
  • How would you describe your writing? You can use this to develop your voice.

Through time and constant writing, your writer’s voice will emerge. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. There is nothing quicker at making that voice become shy than undue pressure. Practice every day at your writing and listen for your voice. Before you know it that voice will be ringing through everything you write.

Reading is the best way of analysing what makes a good book. Notice what works and what doesn’t, what you enjoyed and why. At first, you’ll probably imitate your favourite writers, but that’s a good way to learn. After a while, you’ll find your own distinctive voice. — JK Rowling

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