Family Remains -Short Story

Zee looked at the jar in his hand, containing his parent’s ashes. His family who he had carried with him for the last two years. Whilst he arranged the journey back to his father’s homeland. His last dying wish, to be buried at home. His mother’s ashes to go with him. Together in eternity.


Zee’s parents had loved each other despite the crippling cultural differences. Zee had been born mix heritage, a factor that had haunted him all his life. The bullies at school who had mocked him. The employers who had given him the worst jobs, because of it.

When he complained to his parents about it, always the same answer.

 “You’re unique Zee, you should be proud.”

Zee’s father had met his mother whilst she was on an expedition to his land. They had fallen in love, despite their differences. Against all the odds his father was given a visa, to follow his mother across the world to be together. Zee’s father never saw his homeland again.

When his mother died, his father had told him, their final resting place would be his homeland. He made Zee promise to take them both back.

Zee had spent two years obtaining the necessary paperwork to return his father home. Zee who belonged to no culture started the journey to see his other homeland. Taking the essentials with him, he wrapped the jar containing his mother and father. He forced them between his clothes, into his rucksack.

He took one last look at the apartment, they had all shared, before he locked it up. He was unsure whether he would return to this place. Would his father’s homeland be more welcoming to his mixed heritage? Would they welcome an illegal alien to their land?

He hoisted the pack onto his shoulders and walked towards the transport. It took another three hours to complete all the checks. Then he was finally granted a seat on the transporter.

Sitting down with his rucksack under his chair, he felt the trickle of fear down his back.

“Here we go, the final trip home.”

The engines started to drone, the noise got louder, Zee’s ears popped. Two minutes later the noise stopped and a voice came over the speakers.

“Welcome to Earth, please give yourself time to acclimatise to the atmosphere. The temperature on earth is 42C and the local time is 0730.”

Zee took the jar from his bag and held his parents.

“You’re home Dad.”

A love story that has spanned several universes, would finally come to rest. How Earth would accept a half human, half Odbir alien was yet to be established.

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