How to Conquer The Writing Blues 

Revisit your goals and ensure your journey is on track.

Everything good comes in three’s. So it appears, do career changing signs.

Two weeks ago I had the hump. I was in a terrible mood and my family suffered. Why was simple. I was fed up with all the effort I was making with my writing, for little or no return.

Be honest, we have all been there.

The Problem

Well, this was simple. My views were down. I hadn’t been curated for weeks. No matter what I tried I wasn’t getting the response I wanted.

I’m not sure if anyone else was getting the same stats. Facebook groups were discussing this, so I may not have been on my own.

The Solution

This started in three simple signs. The first I read an excellent post by Sandra Ebejer. She spoke about the negative effects of checking your stats with writing.

It was a lightbulb moment. I started on Medium to improve my writing. I needed to do justice to the idea for a novel, I had. After reading this advice I completed four chapters of my novel. Four chapters that I was proud of.

Remember why you started writing. Don’t lose sight of this fact. Have an initial goal and do everything to accomplish this.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

The second sign came the very next day when I was awarded the editor’s choice by The Weekly Knob. This was a special week as it was a power prompt. Editor’s choice on these weeks is rewarded a prize of $15.

It was one of those stories that had a good feeling when I wrote it. I was delighted for my fiction work to receive this type of recognition.

The third sign came exactly one week later. For the first time, I was curated under the fiction tag. With another short story. This one I struggled to write, but it made an impression with the curators.

How to Get Over The Writing Blues

Journalling can be a good way to start enjoying writing again. To become more in touch with the personal side of your work.

Revise your goals. Go back to the beginning of your journey and ensure you are working in the direction you want.

Don’t look at your progress, one day to the next. Look at your progression from when you started to now.

Look at changing your writing, don’t rely on Medium for all your income. Diversify try writing for different publications. Ghostwrite or write for magazines.

Photo by A GIRLBRANDon Unsplash

The writing blues helped me revisit my goals. I had lost sight of my main goal. I went on Medium to write better, not to publish a blog. My intended income was meant to come from novel sales not blogging.

Since changing my mindset, my posts have become more personal. The main reason, I’m writing for me, not for the reader. No offence, I am grateful to every reader.

The best way to get over writers blues is to keep writing.

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Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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