Why I Gave Up Book Reviewing

Book reviewing gave me a kick start to blogging. Now I aim to read like a writer.

After every book I read, I wrote a book review for it. I then published it on several sites. Book reviewing was the essence of my first blog.

I wanted to start a blog, the only thing I thought I could talk about was books. How wrong I was.

Over time this blog became popular. Authors were contacting me and asking me to review their books. Monthly I received boxes of books that were free, that needed reviewing. What a great way to increase your library for nothing. I was hooked, well it was free books after all.

Last year I started blogging, seriously. Since then I have found my voice and several other niches to write about. When I found my voice and my niche topics. Book reviewing became one, that I preferred not to write. As the months went on, book reviewing dwindled.

When I stopped reviewing the books I found I started enjoying my reading more. I became more engaged with books. Instead of reading, thinking of review points, I read looking at how the author wrote the story. I also read books I wanted to, not those I was asked to.

I have started to read like a writer.

I still keep a journal, where I record the plot of the story with spoilers, for my own interest. I don’t share these views with anyone any more.

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

Although, I will always be an avid reader. I’m not going to share my opinion as often with others.

Instead, I will write a quarterly post detailing what I have read. This will also update everyone on my A-Z Reading Challenge.


I will always be grateful and have fond memories of book reviewing. It was the activity that got me into blogging. It was the start of my writing career. I will always love reading. Now I have given myself the freedom to enjoy my reading.

In your opinion what is the one book I have to read?

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