How to Write a Successful Author Biography.

Ten tips to write a biography worthy of any author. Author biographies are an essential part of your writing journey. It is essential when writing, that you have an author biography. In fact, the title lied you actually need two biographies. You will need a longer bio for your website and a shorter for other social media. These biographies shouldn’t be static, they will need updating on occasions. A good author biography is your way to introduce yourself to your writers. It is the first area where you can make a positive impression. It is the area that I struggled with the most with my writing. I spent many hours revising and changing this short piece of writing before I was satisfied. Here are 10 tips to write your author biography.

How to Conquer The Writing Blues 

Revisit your goals and ensure your journey is on track. Everything good comes in three’s. So it appears, do career changing signs. Two weeks ago I had the hump. I was in a terrible mood and my family suffered. Why was simple. I was fed up with all the effort I was making with my writing, for little or no return. Be honest, we have all been there. The Problem.......

The Little Known Feature on Patreon That I am Determined to Exploit.

And how you can, to diversify your writing. Patreon has a follow button, did you know that? No, I didn’t, not until a couple of weeks ago when I was browsing through my patrons and found a lone follower. By the fact this follower is a solo figure, I guess the feature isn’t known and even … Continue reading The Little Known Feature on Patreon That I am Determined to Exploit.

Why Do People Put You Down, When You Have What They Want?

Try to gain success at the expense of someone else, is never alright. Recently the negativity has been flowing again. Once again a writer has thought it was reasonable to call out another writer. Now I am not saying everyone on Medium is perfect, far from it and I include myself in that. But, I am bemused at the number of people who want to make it to the top, whilst trampling over others.