Hung Out To Dry – Short Story

”Back again dear” The nosy old bat from the corner shop smiled, as I placed the clothespins on the counter. ”Do you take in washing dear? It’s just, this is the third packet you have bought in a couple of days.” ”The dog ate them.” I hoped this reply would satisfy her. Placing the money on the counter, I smiled and walked out of the shop. I would have to find another shop tomorrow, to buy more from. Couldn’t have the old bat getting suspicious.

Writing Applications, That Make Writing on My Phone Easy.

Free, writing applications that I use daily. As mentioned previously, the majority of my writing is completed on my phone. I find ten minutes here and there, to write a hundred words at a time. Writing applications can be an expensive business. As this is my side-hustle and I have a family to support, I can’t afford to spend money. Here are the phone apps that I use. Although many offer a paid version, the reviews are for the free versions. These are my honest views and not sponsored by any company.