40 Things That Burst My Boiler

I decided, for the majority, to keep this post-light-hearted. I could write all day about poverty, famine, racism etc. These will always rank at my highest level of hate. However, in the spirit of making you all smile. Here are the 40 things that drive me nuts, in no particular order.

  1. People who don’t thank you when you let them out in your car.
  2. Brexit — For all those who are not UK residents and don’t know. Brexit is like the hardest crossword puzzle. The type of crossword puzzle where no one has any answers because no one knows the questions. I’m bored of hearing about it and talking about it.
  3. Traffic
  4. Getting to the end of a good book and finding out there is no sequel.
  5. Poor movie adaptations of books, especially if they are my favourite books. The jury is still out on the series adaptation of The Passage.
  6. Rudeness
  7. Trolls — a post all on its own. What makes people so rotten inside they gain joy from putting others down. As you may guess I had a negative comment this week, it was completely unnecessary. Thank you, Hank, for putting my mind at rest.
  8. People who follow you, to gain a follow and then unfollow you. I’m getting mad, thinking about it now.
  9. Winter
  10. People who take their bad mood out on others.
  11. Rain
  12. Liars
  13. Waiting for your car to be MOT’ed. It makes me so nervous, I feel sick.
  14. Student’s that don’t even try at their work and have a, can’t do this attitude. I have to say I blame parenting and poor teaching, more than the student with this one.
  15. Peas — can’t stand the little green things I even pick them out of special fried rice.
  16. Being interrupted when I am concentrating on something. This is more my problem than the poor person trying to get my attention.
  17. Rubbish dropping
  18. People who talk to teenagers like they are all serial killers without getting to know them.
  19. People who judge anyone before getting to know them.
  20. Lazy people — not that we all don’t deserve to put our feet up once in a while. I mean more people that don’t make an effort when completing a task and do half a job.
  21. The little cardboard bits inside toilet rolls, that no one ever puts in the bin.
  22. People who yell and belittle their children. We all have bad days and I know how hard parenting is. This is not meant for you, but the parents who constantly put their children down.
  23. Bad endings to books. Only the other month I read an amazing book and then nearly threw it out the window due to the poor ending. Interested in which book it was, click here.
  24. Social Media and the time it takes up. Even though I use it to advertise my writing, I am resentful at the time it takes up in my life.
  25. Bad research in books. When the mistakes are so obvious you want to scream. Interested in which book it was, click here.
  26. Consumerism, societies constant push to get us to buy more and more.
  27. Authors that sell themselves out by getting a good idea for a series and then flogging it to death.
  28. Depression and how it affects those I love and care about.
  29. Dementia and how I lost my beautiful nan and was left with the shell of a person.
  30. Inequality
  31. My TBR list (To be read) it sits on my bookcase mocking me. Showing me how many beautiful books there are still to read, that I don’t have the time for.
  32. People who don’t treat their animals like one of the family. Why shouldn’t my dog sit on the couch, it’s his house.
  33. Lateness
  34. Getting to the front of the drive-through queue to find out they have run out of your favourite treat.
  35. Losing my Grandad at such an early age so we never got a chance to share our love of football. Soccer for my US friends.
  36. Having to go to my day job when I have a killer idea for a new story or article.
  37. Hearing my little girl having a night terror.
  38. People who park almost on top of my car when they can see that I have a child seat.
  39. People who don’t clear up after their dogs.
  40. Dogs being banned from our local beach because people haven’t cleared up after their dogs.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

5 thoughts on “40 Things That Burst My Boiler

      1. The moment I saw the changes in the teasers, I had no desire to watch it. The changes in the characters was just too much for me at the get go. His novel was so visual and it was meant to be filmed or at least, that’s what I remember Cronin saying one day, that he wrote it for film. But to see the changes was just something I never expected so I decided to stay with the visuals in my head.

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