Drop and Run Writers Have No Respect

Facebook groups are a valuable asset to writers. However, be a community member, not a drop and run writer.

So recently I have found myself moaning about fellow writers. Last week I wrote a post about how selfish writers are. I will put the link at the end of this post, for anyone who may have missed it.

I don’t like this side to me, but some things need speaking about. I promise after this no more moans.

Facebook Groups

These are one of the most valuable assets to any writer. There is a number on Facebook, that has been extremely helpful to me. The group I run is Bloggers & Medium Support.

Within this group, I have two main ways in which writers can share their work. One post in 24 hours on the main thread and then a daily thread I put up, where writers can add stories to the comments.

It has worked well for the last year and has gained nearly 500 members. Ninety per cent of the writers on there have been a great support to me. I love the community I have built and enjoy interacting with the members.

The Dump and Run Brigade

Recently though I have an issue that is driving me mad. Yesterday I posted a Wednesday Writer thread. Here I state clearly on the thread to share poems and fiction work.

See clearly stated at the bottom. Yesterday, however, I found a couple of posts that were not fiction.

It seems such a small gripe, but it is the bigger issues it points to, that is the problem.

If writers are dropping links without reading the thread, then they are not reading the work of others.

As with everything in the writer world we rely on the trust of others treating us, as we have treated them.

If I drop a link to a post, I read those of others. At the very least I bookmark those I am interested in for reading later.

Be Part of a Community Not a Taker

My group is not unique in attracting these writers. Several other admins of groups have mentioned this ethos.

As a writer, if you want people to read and clap for your work, then you need to reciprocate.

Be a supporter, not a taker

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4 thoughts on “Drop and Run Writers Have No Respect

  1. Sometimes, someone has got to speak up.

    The instances you’ve highlighted in this article occurs here on WordPress.

    Some bloggers hit the ‘like’ button without reading the post. And I think it’s not appropriate.

    Thanks for speaking up.

    Liked by 1 person

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