Social Media is Stealing Your Soul

Could Article 11 & 13 save us all?

How many of us ignored our loved ones, to post on social media?

Come the stroke of midnight on 2019 I was sat watching my other half try to take a selfie, with a snapchat filter.

I had to sit there and wait for her to finish before I could wish her Happy New Year.

I was fuming. In my head, I was the only person who was being ignored, for social media. Then I got a grip of myself and realised that all around the planet there were people being ignored. People who had seen 2019 in, with a phone in hand.

Why are we losing our sole to these applications and sites?

Now full disclosure, I have social media. So without being a hypocrite, I am part of the problem. But, apart from Facebook, all my social media is linked to my business. The only account, I have a personal profile on is Facebook. This is so my parents can see their grandchild grow up.

Out of my work profiles, only Twitter(my favourite) and Instagram, I post to personally. All the others are automated from my website. I write an article and WordPress does the rest.

New Year’s Eve is not the only experience that people are missing out on. Think about the last concert you went to.

I’m old school, I used to go to concerts without my phone. Do I remember the concerts that I went to?

Hell yes!I remember the noise, the performance and being squashed between sweaty concertgoers.I saw Michael Jackson perform. I can remember every part of that concert and I have not one picture.

Why do I remember so vividly? Because I was there, I experienced the whole event.

How many of you have been to a concert recently? Everywhere, people staring at their phone watching the concert as they record it.

Why bother? You could have paid a fraction of the price to download the concert and sit watching it on your phone.

No one cares you are at a concert and no one wants to watch your three hours of video.

So why are we losing our soul to these applications?

Why do we communicate with people via a box, rather than having real conversations?

To a certain extent, social media uses the same techniques as fruit machines. The bright colour, the attractive look, all help to draw us in. Then there is the chance of winning, in social media terms gaining a viral post.

The chance of getting thousands of followers and likes keeps us coming back for more. We crave recognition from others, we have never met.

Parents are so eager to capture their child’s first steps, they actually miss the event.

Are you hoping to raise the next leader of the free world? Then they are not going to be best pleased when the video of their first bath appears on the election campaign.

Could Article 13 Save Us All?

There may yet, be light at the end of the tunnel. Article 13 is progressing through the European Parliament as we speak.

For all those that yell but we are going through Brexit, it wouldn’t make any difference. As the majority of social media companies are hosted outside the UK, this will still apply to us.

The Directive on Copyright places more responsibility on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to make sure that copyrighted material isn’t being illegally shared on their platforms —

Put basically, If your video contains music? Do you have the right to share that music?

Article 12a will ban people from posting about music and sports events. Only the licensed organiser will be permitted to do this.

At last, I can go to a concert and see the artist rather than looking through 100 phone screens.

Not surprising, social media giants are scared. Led by Youtube, a #SaveYourInternet campaign has been started. As with all social media, the scaremongering and false information is massive, to get people to react.

I resisted the urge to reply to the last comment with, ‘so you can get a life.


Still not convinced that social media is taking your soul?

If you look in the mirror and think you look ugly. You’re not you’re filter-free. Your friends don’t look the same in person as they do on Instagram or Snapchat. Don’t panic we all have lines, it’s called expression.

All those on Facebook posting about their wonderful life, are struggling the same as you. If they are posting on Facebook, then their life is not that great. Put the phone down and get out of the house, your soul will thank you. Busy entertained people don’t have time for social media.

The people trolling on Twitter, are often not confident at all. Instead, they hide behind a thin veil of anonymity which enables them to post what they want. They are lonely, cowards hiding at home.

  • Give Your Soul a Holiday.
  • Put the phone down.
  • Go out into the fresh air.

Most important, pay attention to the people around you, not your phone. One day you might look up from the screen and notice they have gone.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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