How to Analyse Your Medium Stats to Improve Your Writing.

Stats can show how good your SEO and headline is, not just your readers and views. This is how

For many writers, stats are about counting numbers. However, they are so much more than that. There is so much information you can collect from studying your stats if you know what to look for.  Medium is an excellent platform to do this on, as they show such thorough stats for every post.

To show this I have chosen four different posts. You will see from the stats that I am not the highest earner on Medium. Whether you have a following of 200 or 200 000 the stats can be analysed in the same way.

How to Write Your First Novel

Views 3.2K, Reads 825, Read ratio 25% and Fans 15.

The first thing that the stats tell me is that the headline was well received and was searched readily. When I checked, this post comes third in a google search. A large number of views support this. It is also clear from looking at the Read ratio that the content does not match up to the title. This may mean that the introduction was poor or the writing poorly organised. Both would point to a low ratio.

The fact that the external links are a massive 97%. 2.2K comes from Flipboard, this would point to this post having good SEO as it has shown up on many other platforms.

Writers Can Be Selfish

Views 85, Reads 49, Read ratio 85% and Fans 23

This a recent post so the stats are lower than other posts. It was, however, published in my publication which has very few followers. With this in mind, the post is performing well. The majority of the success of this post is due to the headline. It is intriguing and urges readers to click for more information. The nature of the topic meant I could not find it on google, this may be due to the fact it is a new post.

5 Tips for Attracting More Readers With a Killer First Sentence

Views 3.4K, Reads 1.5K, Read ration 45% and Fans 179

This post was curated in writing, which may have affected some of the stats. Curation means that the editors of Medium, promote the post fully.  This features second on google searches. The main referrals come from Flipboard, which means the fans could be higher. Many external readers do not understand the process of clapping and the fact you can do it up to 50 times. The high google referral figure will show that the SEO for this post is good.

In addition to this, the internal links are high at 36% and this is an advantage of having a post curated.

10 of the Best Easter Eggs in Film

Views 8.2K, Reads 4.1K, Read ratio 50% and fans 9

Stats alone, this is my most successful post. However, it has earned me next to nothing as the fans are extremely low. This post also features first in a google search. The low claps are definitely because the majority of reads have come from external links. The higher read ratio shows that the lack of claps is not due to the quality of the post, as people read it. SEO for this post is the best I have written, as it was referred from google 7.6K times.

Through analysis of stats, you as a writer should be able to use these techniques to analyse your figures. Don’t just count the views and reads, but study what the stats are telling you. Don’t get hung up on the numbers, look for trends and what these trends tell you about your posts.

When I started this post I had never thought of searching my articles on google to see where they feature. When I did, I was surprised on more than one occasion.

Comment with you stats below and we can analyse them together.

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