Statistics Say I’m Addicted to Social Media

Last week like a Pavlovian dog I downloaded the new IOS to my phone. Apple has produced a conditioned response in most of us.

We see the notification and we hit install. How many of you actually read the information about what is involved in the download. I know, in all honesty, I don’t

One of the packages that is downloaded is one called screen time. It actually log’s how much time you spend online and what programs you go into the most.

Today I got the first weeks numbers and the results are horrific.

I have spent nearly a day on social media in one week. My partner has spent over two days so I shouldn’t feel that bad. When you, however, take into consideration that I work full time and she doesn’t my statistics are worse than hers.

If you had asked me a week ago I would have said that I don’t care for Facebook and spend little or no time on it. I was deluding myself.

Mail and Calendar applications are productivity apps. Reading and reference is where Medium sits. Most of these hours, for me, can be attributed to Medium.

My biggest shock was how little I time I spend on Twitter. Twitter is the platform I would have considered my favourite. I spend on average only 5 minutes a day.

The statistics are broken down further into how many times you engage with your phone. How many times you pick up.

No surprise that all the pickups are attributed to communication. These are the applications you tend to dip in and out off. The majority of my friendships are carried out on WhatsApp so I was not surprised it was the one I used the most.

Once again when comparing this to my partner it shows an interesting pattern. I pick up on average 66 times a day, whereas her’s was only 54. When you consider that her usage is more than twice mine, it is interesting. I dip in and out of social media whereas she spends larger blocks of time on there.


So with these statistics, you would think I would limit my time on these sites. The application allows you to set daily limits for each platform. I can’t bring myself to limit the time. Although I will be more conscious of my usage from now on.

I also know that in a way these are false results as I also have an iPad that I use to read on. This is only the usage of my phone.

There is nothing like seeing something in black and white to make you examine your life.

Are you a social media addict?

Published by Sam H Arnold

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