Publishing Daily Doesn’t Have to be That Hard.

Set yourself goals that challenge.

If you read any post on improving your blogging income the advice appears to be, post more.

Some writers get a viral post which makes them a considerable amount of money in one shot. I am not that lucky. I need to go with the other train of thought, that you need to publish a lot to gain a decent income blogging.

Weekly Goals

I was asked yesterday what my weekly goal was. I started to post at least 8 times a week. The comment it was a difficult challenge, made me think.

Last week I managed to post an impressive 9 times in one week. I took it for granted that this is easy to achieve. Only when I thought about the work, did I realise I have set a high standard this month.

This will be made even more difficult this week as it’s my daughters birthday. We also have a party this weekend, which I need to sort the garden for.

Push Yourself

Sometimes you need to push yourself to make a difference. The goals you reach need to be hard. If you are determined to make money on Medium, you need to consider it a part-time job, not a hobby.

Only once you have given it 100% can you truly say whether it is working for you or not.

Before I have been guilty of just hoping I will increase my income whilst changing nothing.

Publishing Daily Doesn’t Have to be That Hard.

If you want to achieve on Medium, it is worth considering publishing more.

This doesn’t have to be a mammoth task and there are several things you can do to help achieve this.

  • Have a clear publishing schedule you plan beforehand.
  • Write a daily series which will always give you ideas.
  • Re-purpose old content. I guarantee there are old posts you have written that can be improved.
  • Re-purpose and publish content you have used on other platforms.
  • Constantly add to your ideas list, throughout the day. Don’t let one idea slip past. No matter how vague, it might be a post in the future.
  • Write whenever you can, wherever you can. Grab 5 minutes here and there.
  • Just write, I started writing this post with no real plan, the post leads me into the main subject matter.
  • Be honest, tell your family and friends your plan, so they know why you are absent and can support you.

Just Go For It

Stop worrying blogging isn’t working for you and give it your all.

If you still don’t reach your goals then maybe you need to look at change.

Respect your readers and give them something they want. See the posts that do well and publish more. The posts no one interacts with, are probably not suited to Medium.

If all else fails, enjoy your writing and leave the keyboard with a smile on your face.

Do you have a publishing schedule?

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Published by Sam H Arnold

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