The Peculiarities of​ Bookworms

Us bookworms are a strange bunch, but do you know how peculiar?

I have an obsession with books. I’m completely addicted. I collect them everywhere in the house. So bad my dad once joked, I could sell the house as a library.

As a proud bookworm, I have some strange routines. For example, when I read a hardcover I have to place the dust jacket on the shelf to reserve its place.

Throughout the years I have collected all my favourite authors in hardcover. Dean Koontz, I collected his complete catalogue in paperback and then in hardcover.

But are all bookworms the same?

Here are some of the popular bookworm habits that we disagree about.

Lending Books Out

Some bookworms share their books and others refuse. The great majority do not lend books out. Mainly, due to not getting the books back.

I am selfish, past experiences have taught me not to share my books. Too many times I have lent books out, never to get them back.

Condition of Books

This is one of the biggest arguments amongst bookworms. Some bookworms crease the spines, others refuse to acknowledge these origami style bookworms.

Bookmarks or Corner Folding

I can not bring myself to even speak to a corner turner. What possesses people to fold the corner down on a book? Use a bookmark, use a piece of paper, don’t fold.

Library Etiquette

Do you use the library? I love my library and can always be found in it. With the price drop on paperbacks, libraries have become lonely places. A large proportion of libraries find themselves shutting down. One of the great problems in this century, I believe.

Library etiquette goes further than that though. It appears that not only are the book stealers, working on their family. They borrow books from libraries and never returning them.

Who are the people posing as bookworms and stealing books?

Keeping Paperbacks or Pass Them On

I don’t keep paperbacks. There is no room with my extensive collection of hardcovers. I pass these on to friends, family and charity shops. However, I have friends who have saved boxes and boxes of paperbacks. Every book they have ever read is stuffed under their bed.

Writing in Books

Many bookworms will annotate the stories as they read. Writing quotes and thoughts in the margin. My personal opinion is they should be put on the same island, as the corner turners. Many of my friends though insist on making notes and explain it personalises the book for them.

Photo by Helloquenceon Unsplash

As with everything books, it is a subjective subject.

Whether you are a book stealer, corner turner or hi-lighter we are connected by one thing.

A love of books.

What are your bookworm habits?

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

One thought on “The Peculiarities of​ Bookworms

  1. Very interesting post! I never considered keeping only hardcovers.

    As for myself, after having difficulty moving books from one state to another, I’ve come to really appreciate ebooks. I put them on an Amazon wishlist and buy them when they go down in price. I also use my local library, which offers ebooks online (super convenient!).

    With physical copies, I donate to thrift stores anything I don’t enjoy, or anything I won’t read again. Like I mentioned, after having difficulty moving too many books, I’ve become a bit of a minimalist about it 🙂

    PS I feel the same way about writing or folding the pages x-D

    Liked by 1 person

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