Journey Home – Short Story

When I was snatched away from my parents, the only thing I had time to grab, was that stupid rubber ball.

I can’t remember the exact circumstances of being removed. I remember the people in suits visiting me a couple of times. The next thing I knew, they arrived and I was ripped from my parents.

I went to live with another family. The family tried, but moving to a new home is difficult. You don’t know the routine. You don’t even know where to go to the toilet. The food was different. Not bad, just different.

None of that matters now, because I’m big enough, to escape. I waited for their backs to be turned and I’m out. I took with me all that I arrived with, that stupid rubber ball.

Photo by Jamie Streeton Unsplash

I first saw the gap in the fence a week ago when I was playing outside with the others. I argued with my fake brother. He always had to play with my ball, as if he knew it upset me. When I retaliated it was me that had got into trouble. Whilst I walked back to the house sulking I saw the gap, out of the corner of my eye. Later exploration of it had proved that I could slip my body through.

When the opportunity came I slipped through onto the pavement behind the house and ran. I was going back to my mum and dad. I didn’t care what they said, I had to be with them. I needed to get there before I was spotted and taken back to the other family.

When I couldn’t run anymore, I slowed to a walk. I kept to the edges of paths, hoping to hide from the authorities. I didn’t recognise all the roads, but instinct had brought me to this place. Crossing the roads had been difficult. I had only been shown a couple of times how to cross safely. I had managed it without incident.

Photo by Jesse Robertson Unsplash

At last, my house is in front of me. I don’t care what my parents have done, I need to be with them. Together we can show the people in suits, this is where I belong.

I’m sitting under a bush opposite my house. I need to make sure my parents are still there before I go in. The earth is wet and I can feel the cold seeping through my paws. Least I still have my rubber ball with me.

There they are, my mum and dad, out in the garden. They sniff the air, they know I am here. One more road to cross. Look left, no cars, look right all clear. I’m running now across the road to my parents.

God what’s that sound, oh no the pain where did that come from. I’ve dropped my ball. Where is my ball? Oh no maybe it rolled over that rainbow bridge. I’m going over it now. No pain now. Oh wow look, not one rubber ball, but hundreds everywhere I look.

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