You Know You’re A Writer When….

You have to fake a weak bladder to go to the bathroom and write a killer idea down.

A humourous post today. I stumbled this week across the tiny little book above. It has kept me giggling all week.

Here are my 10 favourite quotes.

You know you’re a writer when…

  • You’ll never forgive your parents for your happy childhood.
  • There are large containers of writing implements in all your rooms, like bouquets of flowers.
  • Something happens to a friend and you’re glad she’s not a writer, so you can use it.
  • You keep a notebook under your pillow.
  • Sometimes you can no longer see the keyboard through your tears.
  • You cheerfully publish secrets that you have not gotten around to sharing with your own partner.
  • Writing is the only thing that makes you happy, and you hate writing.
  • You took time off to write a novel and found so many ways to avoid the actual writing that now you know how to reglaze a window; cook a perfect French cassoulet; change the car’s oil, belts, hoses, tires, and bulbs; and fix pilot lights.
  • Everything you write falls short of what is in your head.
  • At parties, you check out the bookshelves the way other people snoop through medicine cabinets.


You Know You’re A Writer When… Adair Lara LINK

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