How to Control Your Social Media Addiction

Take back control.

Did you know that 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years?

Sit for a minute and think about that. It is a frightening statistic. For this amount of data to be produced, what have we sacrificed? Time with our family. Time reading, relaxing and in some cases our mental health. This is how bad social media addiction has become.

I have a friend who battles a negative self-image daily. It’s hard for me to understand, she sees fat and ugly. I see a stunning figure and beautiful. Social media compounds this problem.

Social Media Destroys Self Confidence

Whilst we are trying to keep up with the perfect life of our friends, we are making ourselves miserable.

Here is a news flash, the friends that post about their wonderful lives, aren’t having that great a life. No one’s life is perfect all the time. That’s why it’s called life you have to live it.

You can never match up to their life because it’s fake and enhanced.

Few people check-in for a quiet night with the family. They check-in at pubs and clubs instead. I know which one I would rather be doing.

Cuddled up with my little girl on the sofa or being pushed and knocked in a loud sweaty pub — a tricky choice

I have one family member, on Instagram, that I have scrolled past because I don’t recognise her. Why because she is filtered and altered so much, it isn’t her. She is portraying an image she wished she had, but not being herself.

Teenagers are starving themselves to look like these influencers. It’s irresponsible, social media stars need to wake up.

So why keep coming back

Likes on social media produce a chemical in our called Dopamine which is a natural high. It is incidentally, the same chemical that is produced when you sniff cocaine.

Still, want to be addicted to social media?

How to survive your social media addiction?

Take a break, stop shaking you can do it. I’m not suggesting a week, maybe a couple of hours a day. Put your electronic gadgets down and pick up a book. Even better, talk to the other people in the house. The ones that you have only spoken to via text, in the last two years.

Turn off the notifications for your applications. I did this a couple of months ago and I have never looked back. No longer does that red bubble appear on my phone, demanding I read it. I read it when I want and discover how popular I am when I click on the app, not before.

If social media is your job, then leave it as that, a job. When I started writing I knew I needed a social media presence. I deleted all my accounts, except for Facebook. I then started again with an author profile on them.

Social media is part of my writer’s job, now and I treat it as so. Although I have people on all my profiles, I consider friends, I still treat it as a job.

I use social media it doesn’t use me.

Make that change and take back your life. You can’t take social media with you when you die. You can’t take your family and friends either and I know which I would rather spend time with.


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Published by Sam H Arnold

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4 thoughts on “How to Control Your Social Media Addiction

  1. I find it so difficult to tear myself away from the grasps of social media. But I’m in hospital and there isn’t much else to be doing, I sort of use my writing and social media as an escape from the unfortunate reality I’m in.

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