Tagging Writers on Medium — The Correct Etiquette to Use

How to tag writers, appropriately.

Tagging other writers in posts is an important way to help build your writing community. However, overusing it can be as negative for your engagement as positive.

Tagging another writer will mean they will be notified of your post. Many will then interact and read your post, a good way to increase views.

How to tag

For those of you who don’t know, tagging writers is easy on Medium. As you type put the @ sign and then type the writer’s name. You can then click on the name, as it appears in the drop-down menu.

If you can’t find the writer you want, then it may be their tag is different from their name. You then need to find their profile and click on the address bar. The tag you need is the last part of the address.

You can either copy and paste this or write it once again using the @ sign.

You know when you have got it right as the name will change colour.

When to tag

I always try to tag writers who have inspired me. When it is relevant to my post, I like nothing more than acknowledging their point of view with an author tag.

I also write a monthly post looking at it top 3 posts of the month. For these, I once again tag the author.

Occasionally I will use tags to invite other authors to write their own posts. Such as Hidden Talent, posts.

Recently there is a movement towards tagging writers in responses. The jury us out for me on this one. I can see it is a lovely thing to do, but I can also see all the notifications could be time-consuming from popular posts.

What is your opinion?

When not to tag

Never tag random writers, to get them to read your post.

Some people do this and it infuriates me. It is also a little underhand, in my opinion. It is a cheap trick to get people to read your work.

In the end, it will result in you losing followers, rather than gaining them.

As with all tricks and tips for Medium, tagging authors is a good resource for writers. Especially when used appropriately.

Tag a writer

  • If you like their work
  • If you are referencing their work
  • If you want their input.

Don’t tag a writer

  • To gain another view, because it will not become a read

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