My Old Battered Best Friend

The one thing that has stayed with me, through ups and downs.

Throughout my life, I have owned many wonderful pieces of clothing. I had an amazing leather jacket with tassels and a brown suede one to match. I was an 80’s child, it’s my only defence. None of these compares to my very old Guns ‘n’ Roses T-shirt.

It is twenty years old, so when you look at the picture and say it’s a grey T-shirt and I tell you it was black, you will understand.

Guns ‘n’ Roses

Are without a doubt, my favourite band. Less so now, I was a Slash fan, when he left I followed him. Such a fan, if my new baby had been male he was to be called Hudson. Slash’s real name is Saul Hudson. I’m not sure I ever told my partner that.

When I was growing up though, Guns ‘n’ Roses were my band. I knew all their songs and owned all their albums. They are also the only band, my mum refused to let me see in concert. I got close one year to persuade her. Then sadly two fans died at one of their concerts and I knew I was done for.

I saw Slash in concert five years ago. At 39 my mum gave in. I wasn’t disappointed.

But this isn’t why it’s my favourite

This T-shirt has always been there during the best moments of my life. When I received my GCSE results, I was wearing my lucky shirt.

When my eldest niece was born, 11 years ago, guess what T-shirt I was wearing. When she was born six hours later, it was the first thing she saw me in.

Two years ago, I was wearing the same T-shirt when my daughter was born.

Before you think I can’t have any more clothes, I have lots of very nice tops and even some new Guns ‘n’ Roses T-shirts.

It isn’t that consciously I put my lucky shirt on. Coincidence has meant my T-shirt is on when these things happen.

I never consciously put the T-shirt on, but I might subconsciously.

It’s familiar and comfy

It is a lot thinner than it started out. It has now worn into a soft comfortable fabric. It is like having a hug from a friend when I wear it.

Subconsciously I reach for the comfort it provides me when I’m in stressful situations. Those times when I need to worry about nothing but the events in front of me, it’s familiar and comfy.

Not until I sat and thought about my shirt, did I realise how many amazing life events it had been present at.

It will now be a conscious decision next time I put it on. The next time I wear it will be in November when a new edition to the family is due to arrive.

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