How To Start a Medium Publication.

Step by step guide to your first Medium publication. Publications are spoken about, by Medium writers, as much as curation. This week I have also seen more than one writer asking how to set up a publication. So here is a basic guide to starting your publication. As with everything I am sure I will forget to cover everything, so if you have any questions feel free to add them to the comments below.

Letting Your Children Fly, When Your Anxiety Cripples You

The constant fear I suffer as a parent. My little girl struggles with her social skills. She is two years old and isn’t talking. We are waiting for an appointment, for speech therapy. For her development, we agreed it was best if she started nursery, in an attempt to socialise her. She starts in September, I haven’t questioned it. Then I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a post about a child going to pre-school. Normal, logical post, great idea I thought and then bam it hit me. Crippling anxiety at the thought of my little girl going to nursery.

Journey Home – Short Story

When I was snatched away from my parents, the only thing I had time to grab, was that stupid rubber ball. I can’t remember the exact circumstances of being removed. I remember the people in suits visiting me a couple of times. The next thing I knew, they arrived and I was ripped from my parents. I went to live with another family. The family tried, but moving to a new home is difficult. You don’t know the routine. You don’t even know where to go to the toilet. The food was different. Not bad, just different. None of that matters now, because I’m big enough, to escape. I waited for their backs to be turned and I’m out. I took with me all that I arrived with, that stupid rubber ball.

6 Easy Methods to Increase Followers

Whether writing on Medium or independently, these six tips will help gain followers. I have been running an experiment for a month. Does consistent writing increases followers, more than unlocking posts? The results were staggering. Unlocking posts and publishing every day, raised my followers by 113 over one month. Locking posts and publishing every day, raised my followers by 150 in the same time frame. The Number 1 Tip