Do You Make These Simple Mistakes On the Path To a Healthy Body?

Seven simple steps you can adopt on your journey to a healthy body.

As I start my journey, I realised that I needed to concentrate on both my physical health as well as my mental health. Combining both will achieve a healthy body.

The mind monitors our impulse control. How many of you comfort eat when you are upset. Some of you may starve yourself if you are stressed. Neither are good for your weight or your well-being.

Humans early on saw the link between physical and psychological well-being. The Greeks understood the importance of a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. That ethos became the foundation of their civilization.

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit — Yoga guru B.K.S

To maintain a healthy body and mind here are 7 simple steps you can adopt.

Meditation or Relax the Brain

30 minutes of meditation a day helps relieve stress. It improves blood flow and heart rhythms and can even increase metabolism.

It is important to realise that meditation can be any activity that quiets the brain. This can be cooking, reading or walking the dog. Simple put focus on something that relaxes your brain. This is the key to a healthy mind.

Add Raw Food to Your Diet

Food is the fuel we put into our body. You wouldn’t expect your car to keep running on low-grade fuel, so why do we expect our bodies to. Raw food is full of nutrients and antioxidants that will improve your health.

Aim to eat at least one raw food meal a day. Without cooking the food, you eat raw which still have all the vitamins and minerals intact. It is impossible to have a healthy mind if the body is unhealthy. One strongly relies on the other.

Exercise Intelligently for a Healthy Body

Exercise should be an important part of your routine. However, if you haven’t exercised for a while this needs to be done intelligently. Pushing yourself too hard at the beginning can lead to injury and put your health plan back months.

You can introduce small changes such as climbing the stairs, rather than taking the lift. Walking up and down whilst you are on the phone. Lisa Tomey talks in detail about this in her article below.

Have a Good Sleep Routine

A restful sleep should be between 6–8 hours. It is the opportunity for our body to rest, repair and relax. The good news it also delays the ageing process.

Have a Positive Attitude.

A positive outlook can improve your stress level and help you live longer. Easier said and done with some life experiences. My advice is to take a mindful approach. Concentrate on the here and now. Don’t worry about the past you can’t change it. Don’t worry about the future as you could be worrying about events that never happen.

Laugh and Laugh Loud

Laughter is a basic human emotion, yet it has the biggest effect on our mental health. It also has amazing benefits for our physical health. Laughter has been found to boost your immune system.

Laughter can also reduce your blood pressure and stress. Both result in a healthier heart. Laugh yourself better.

One Step at a Time

It is important when you start to change your life that you deal with each change, with small steps. Change gradually over time and don’t become stressed if you can’t succeed one day.

Small steps of change mount up and can lead to huge leaps over time.

Crash dieting deals with one aspect of your being but is not a holistic approach. It is why many of us don’t succeed. I mean who can eat cabbage soup for any length of time.

I have tried most of the diets that have massive weight lose boasts. None of them has worked.

The reason dieting fails people is they don’t concentrate on the whole being. To succeed in gaining a better future, take small steps to a sustainable healthy body and mind. Adopt a completely holistic approach.

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