How to Use Your Personal Life to Enhance Your Writing

Do you have enough drama in your life to write?

Now before I start this post a disclaimer I love personal interest stories. I devour them with enthusiasm on Medium. So this post is not meant as a dig to them in any form.

However, as I read these I wonder if I have enough drama in my life to write them. I came from a normal background. My parents treated me with respect and gave me a wonderful childhood. I have lived a drama-free life.

Why write personal aspects in your writing?

Stories that include a personal aspect always resonate more with readers. You can teach the facts about writing a better post. The reader, however, will relate to it if you include how you have used this in your writing.

A personal aspect to your writing helps the reader relate to you. It helps build your writers voice. It helps you relate to the reader. No one wants to read a post written by Siri or Alexa.

So do you have enough drama in your life to write personal interest stories?

When I came out to my parents, okay they didn’t react the best. But, then we both made mistakes. I’m ashamed of some of the things I did.

I haven’t spoken about this in detail, but it has been in some of my articles because it has altered me. It has changed my outlook, writing and writers voice.

Do you have enough drama to add you your writing? The quick answer is yes. Everyone does in some respect. Mainly because events we deal with easily, others may not.

To enhance your writing, put some aspect of you in every article you write.

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