How I Aroused 1.4k People in a Month

Writing about sex is not a sin.

As a writer, it is important to diversify your writing to grow and reach more readers. I have tried many different genres. Last year I wrote a history piece about the Titanic. It was curated in History and has received a regular flow of readers.

With this in mind, last month I decided to diversify my writing again, into erotic fiction. I have written fiction, but have never written erotic fiction.

It started by accident

I was laughing with my partner and she said I should write her an erotic story. The first step was to research the market. As I read them I realised the majority of erotic fiction was okay, but not great. I could do better.

Then one afternoon when everyone was napping I put fingers to keyboard and came up with an erotic story. I treated this much like my other fiction, with of course a different spin. When I showed it to my partner she said it was brilliant, time to publish.

As with all writing I needed to find a publication that would take my work. This I found with some ease, they liked my work and it was published.

1.4k Reads wtf

I left the post sitting there, I didn’t look at it, I don’t know why. I let it sit there and gain popularity.

It is worth mentioning at this point, I didn’t advertise this post anywhere. I think on a subconscious way I was embarrassed.

When I went back to it I had gained 1.4k reads. Mainly from external readers which explains why the claps were so low, but the reads were there.

My partner started giggling. I’m not sure I like the idea of you turning 1.4k people on.

Writing sex is not a sin.

Many writers on Medium face negativity because they write about sex. People need to grow up, in my opinion. I understand not every publication will publish these posts. We have a right as editors to publish the material that fits with our ethos.

I run a publication called Every Child Matters. We publish anything family and child-related. I can see a post about sex could be connected to this subject. Still, I reserve the right as an editor not to publish these posts.

However, many readers need to grow up. The majority of us have sex, publishing about sex is up the individual writer. Don’t like the post, then move on, there are plenty of articles here to read.

Sex sells, my erotic fiction post proved that for me. Did it enhance my readers, well no as I published on my other account? Not because I was ashamed, but because many of my students follow my writing. There are somethings I’m not sharing with them.

Writers should not be dictated by others as to what they write. Write what you want, write what your readers like to read. Don’t be dictated to by others when it comes to your content.

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