How to a Write 3–4 Articles a Day If You Work Full-time

Step by step how to increase your productivity and increase your income.

Ask any of the successful writers on Medium how to gain decent income, they all same the same, publish more. Over the last couple of months, I have been publishing twice a day and my income has increased.

However, to reach the level of income where you can support yourself, you need to look at publishing 3–4 times a day. Not easy when you work full-time and have a family.

So how do you reach this publishing rate and still have time to sleep? Since studying the big publishers I have come across a foolproof plan, which I will share with you.

First Decide on Your Topic

Sounds simple enough and quite obvious, decide what you are going to write on, be it writing tips or poetry.

Once you decide on your topic put the relevant tag into the Medium search bar. Bring up all the articles on that topic.

This next bit takes a little time, but scroll down to some of the older posts I would suggest over one year old.

Pick a post that has a decent number of claps and engagement and read it. At this point, you might want to open a word document on the other side of your screen.

Produce the Article

Whilst you read through the post, be sure to copy and paste interesting points and quotes. Everything that stands out, as good writing.

Next, this stage takes a little longer. Put a couple of sentence of your own in your post. Change a word here and there. This is easy, change words like sentence to line. The meaning is the same, the word different.

Search on the internet for other views around this subject. Once again copy and paste chunks into your post.

One quick read through, to make sure it makes sense.

Then it’s Headline Time

Again consult the original post and write a similar headline to that one. You can change those words again sentence to line and remove some of the original headline.

The aim here is to remove enough, so no one recognises it, without giving away the original article. Remember people have clicked on this before, you don’t want to take too much away.

Ensure you have changed the original, enough that you might have a defence if you are found out.


A quick search for an image. I would suggest choosing a different one from the original and hit publish.

Market the Post.

I like to call this the lottery part of publishing. You can advertise your post through your email list and Facebook groups. It’s best to be selective here. You would hate to send your post to the original writer, that could cause all sorts of problems.

That’s why I call this, the lottery part of publishing, it’s all about luck.

Finally, throw your integrity and reputation in the bin

These tips are obviously satire, however, this event happened to me. I wrote about it here.


Writing takes time, good writing takes time and effort. Anyone who is telling you they can publish four stories a day and can keep the quality high is lying.

Think, how can a writer work 8 hours a day at a full-time job then 2 hours per post is another 8 hours. That leaves them 8 hours for family, washing, eating and sleeping. It can’t be done without cutting corners. Some may hire writers to work under their name, others may use the method above.

Read other posts on how to publish four stories a day and see if they sound true. Sit and see if they give any tips away, on how they accomplish this schedule. The more vague, the more concerning.

Then sit and read this post from Shannon Ashley. She speaks about how to publish twice a day. She talks about appointments and family reducing her writing time. As with everything she writes, the truth rings through.

Don’t Judge Yourself By the Lies of Others.

You are a writer, whether you write two posts a day or two a week. Yes, growth and income will be slower, but at least your reputation will be intact.

Writing is hard work and takes many hours, but the work is worth it when you start to see improvement. Don’t follow the steps of charlatans who feed you a web of deceit. Misinformation will always float to the surface, eventually. These writers will be exposed, their followers will see the truth.

Work hard and more importantly enjoy what you are doing. Every one of you will succeed with a consistent quality approach. You don’t need to cut corners, for the sake of a couple of extra cents.

Build an audience who recognises your integrity. An audience who stays with you through everything you publish.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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