What is a Writer?

When did you realise you were a writer?

This is a question many of us will ponder. What makes a writer? Am I a writer? The answer is simple, if you write then you are a writer.

This can be writing in a journal, for your positive wellbeing or publishing twenty novels. If you sit down and write consistently, you are a writer.

Consistently being the important word. You can’t sit down once and write a letter and consider yourself a writer. You need to write regularly. Whether this is once a week or even daily. To be a writer you need to practice your craft.

What was the moment you felt like a writer?

All of us will have different experiences of the first realisation that we were a writer. For me, it was when I received my first payout from Medium it was $1.22. Such a small amount, but the first time I had earned anything from writing.

Your story will be different, but there will be a moment when you realised you were a writer.

What was it? Tell me in the comments.

A Writers Curse

Once you have established yourself as a writer, you then have to deal with the curse of the writer.

The first is writer’s block. When you need to write, but can’t think of a single idea, to start the flow of words.

The second curse is one that I have suffered with on many occasions. My head is so full of ideas, I have to generate articles. With no consideration for anyone or anything around me. Whilst my head is full of ideas, I find nothing else can occupy it. I have been found to ignore family and friends, preferring to live in my imaginary worlds.

What is a writer?

A writer is a person with a passion for the craft. When they cannot bear to do anything else in a day.

A writer is a person who knows that their vocation is to churn words into an article whether someone reads it or not.

You are a writer, now keep writing. You can succeed I know you can, just keep writing and learning.

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