How to Market Fiction & Poetry

Fiction is notoriously hard to market.  However, there are many authors that make a good living from writing fictions.  Many platforms are moving towards non-fiction articles.  Medium is one platform, that has clearly moved away from fiction and poetry.   If you are serious about writing you have to adapt and change. If you are a fiction writer or poet what can you do?

The Best New Year’s Party Ever

Who would you invite? So as the year draws to a close, it is time to arrange the best New Year’s party you can. This might seem a little early but invites need to be sent. You have decided to have a small dinner party of six people including yourself.  The rules, you can invite anyone alive or dead. All you need is to come up with five names and tell us why you would invite them.

Why You Must Have a Commonplace Book As a Writer

A commonplace book is a resource or collection of idea’s, quotes, and observations. Commonplace books are believed to have been around since antiquity. Guides to writing a commonplace book, date back as early as the 17th century. The purpose is to keep hidden gems for use later. The commonplace book does not have to be a notebook but could be a series of index cards. The project is as individual as the writer. It could even be a board on Pinterest if you enjoy technology. I prefer to take notes and then add them later, you might have another method. Again this is down to the individual choice.