The Discrimination of Women in Literature.

Eighty-two per cent of women have read at least one book in their lifetime. This is in contrast to 69% in men. As a female writer, I have supported many, who have been treated badly by their male counterparts. This, however, is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening for centuries within literature. The History of the Novel Orinoko was the first book ever published in English. It is thought to be Robinson Crusoe, but this is untrue.

How to Reduce the Limit That Writing for Medium Has on You

Recently I received an email from one of my newsletter subscribers. She told me, she would be leaving my newsletter. It was a pleasant friendly email, where we agreed to keep in touch through emails. The reasons for leaving my newsletter was because she wasn’t a Medium member so wasn’t reading the posts I shared. This led me to think how limiting writing for Medium is. When we pursue one platform only we are limiting our followers to that platform only. So I went on a search for another writing platform. I expected to find a platform similar to Medium, but not as advanced. What I did find surprised me.

You Can Stick Your Tickbox Up Your A***

We need to support parents, not put them on the guilt train. I am so fed up with professionals telling me there is something wrong with my children. In the UK we have a series of ‘milestones’ that children are meant to achieve at certain times in their life. Our children are assessed to see if they pass a task and a tick is put into a box. It is as simple as that, the problem starts if that box isn’t ticked. If there are too many ticks missing that is when the trouble starts. Developmental milestones are separated into four functional areas: Gross motor Vision and Fine motor Hearing, Speech and Language Social, Emotional and Behavioural

A Surprise Cure For Writer’s Block

Six effective tips to break the dreaded writer’s curse. When I wrote my last post, before my daughter was born. I envisaged a couple of days rest. It had been a week and I had little inspiration to write. I have never been inflicted with writer’s block. Listening to other writers I know it happens, often. For some this has been a real problem. There are several effective methods to end writer’s block.

The Birth Of My Second Daughter, Started My PTSD

Don’t suffer in silence take PTSD seriously. Seven per cent of people will experience PTSD in their lifetime. The birth of my second daughter was a delight. A planned caesarean section, calm and slow, in complete contrast to the birth of my first daughter. In memory, it is the birth of my first daughter that I replay. It is something I have failed to speak about until today. I need to use my writing to heal this hurt. Over the two years, I have come to think this event has given me post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD.) PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder that can develop after traumatic events.