A Surprise Cure For Writer’s Block

Six effective tips to break the dreaded writer’s curse.

When I wrote my last post, before my daughter was born. I envisaged a couple of days rest. It had been a week and I had little inspiration to write.

I have never been inflicted with writer’s block. Listening to other writers I know it happens, often. For some this has been a real problem.

There are several effective methods to end writer’s block.

Here are the five common suggestions and my surprise tip for curing writer’s block.

Go for a walk. Getting away from the computer and taking some light exercise is an excellent way to clear your mind. As you walk observe your surroundings, let your mind wander and inspiration will hit. It is doesn’t, then exercise in any form is good for your health.

Free write is the process of letting your mind download to the page. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. Download your brain onto the page. Let your hand take control and write in a free manner.

Change your environment. If you always write at your desk, then why not try writing in a coffee shop. The people around you may well walk into your writing. A change of environment will help you relax and let the words take shape.

Read a book or article. Many of us take inspiration from other writers. Reading will help open up your mind to a new type of writing. As you read, an idea for an article may well come to your mind. Be careful to only take inspiration from the work of others and don’t copy it directly.

Listen to music. Have you ever tried to think of a film and you can’t. Then two hours later whilst you are washing up the name comes to you. This is the same principle. When we stop thinking about a subject, it can become clear. Music is an excellent way to calm the mind, long enough for that thought to come through.

The tip, however, that worked for me I have never heard mentioned before.

My killer tip.

Change the medium you use to write. This has worked for me.

I have spoken before about the fact I write most of my drafts on my phone. I then edit and polish at a later date on my laptop. This time I didn’t touch my phone, I went old school, paper and pen.

This was the third post I wrote in my notebook. Changing to pen and paper allowed my ideas to flow again. Not only did writing by hand free my mind, but it also added another stage to my editing process. As I type the posts up, I can change aspects that don’t flow.

Journaling has long been encouraged to free the creative mind. Writing posts by hand can also free your mind.

Neil Gaiman is one of many famous authors that write by hand. Why not give it a try yourself?

If you are crippled with writer’s block I advise you try this method. Let me know if it works.

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Published by Sam H Arnold

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3 thoughts on “A Surprise Cure For Writer’s Block

  1. As someone plagued often by writers block, I never once thought of changing the medium. Wow, I feel dumb. I used to write all the time with pen and paper. I even have a binder full of unfinished ideas and plots. Age 16, I got a laptop and haven’t written any stories or poems by hand since. Thanks!

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