How to Reduce the Limit That Writing for Medium Has on You

Recently I received an email from one of my newsletter subscribers. She told me, she would be leaving my newsletter. It was a pleasant friendly email, where we agreed to keep in touch through emails.

The reasons for leaving my newsletter was because she wasn’t a Medium member so wasn’t reading the posts I shared.

This led me to think how limiting writing for Medium is. When we pursue one platform only we are limiting our followers to that platform only.

So I went on a search for another writing platform. I expected to find a platform similar to Medium, but not as advanced. What I did find surprised me.

Changes on Medium Have Forced Us to Seek Different Opportunities.

With the changes at Medium, some writers have found this narrow audience to be limiting. Subsequently affecting their income.

As writers, we should be looking at other platforms and outlets for our writing.

Currently, I write for Medium and my blog. I realised from this email that I was only sharing links to Medium. This reduced my reach and also failing to invite people to my website.

Even with two outlets, I felt I had too small an audience. That was when another writer recommended Vocal Media.

Vocal Media

Within Vocal Media there are several magazines you can write for. Each has a broad range and it is easy to find one who matches your work. Each magazine has a separate word count. Generally speaking posts of 600 words or more are accepted. Poetry has to be at least 100 words.

The editor is similar to Medium. You produce your post, use headlines etc and then place images all as you would in Medium. You then submit the post to the magazine of your choice. The post is then held over whilst it is checked. If it is accepted it is published straight away. If not feedback allows you to correct the post and submit again. Vocal Media also check copyright for each post, other sites could learn a thing from this.

There are two ways to earn money from Vocal Media. The first is every read, relates to a payment which you can cash out when you get to $35 or more. The second way you can earn money is through tips from other writers if they like your work.

Whether Vocal Media is a platform you can use or not, the fact remains, writers need to diversify.

Don’t rely on one platform for your income. Whether it’s your website, Patreon or guest blogging, ensure you have more than one source of income.

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