The Career Choice Test That Predicted My Future

When I was sixteen I carried out a career choice test to tell me what job I was going to do in the future. It was one of those boring, long screening exercises where you tick a number of boxes.

One week later I was informed, a computer had decided the ideal job for me was Youth and Community Worker.

Yea, right I thought.

I haven’t thought about this for ages, then I read a post by my friend Selma Writes.

This started me thinking about the career path I have travelled.

The Career Choice Test Was Right

At the time I laughed at the result. With reflection, every job I pursued led me to that path.

Although I have never directly worked as a Youth and Community Worker, I have been close to the profession for years.

I have worked as a teacher and deputy head with young people excluded from school. I was also a foster carer for a time again working with challenging teenagers.

All my career paths have been centred around working with Youth’s, as a Youth and Community Worker would.

If this was my career path then is this the same for all of us?

Are we exactly where we should be?

Would it reduce your work anxiety if you knew that no matter what you did you were exactly where you should be? That all the paths you travel along, no matter how hard would lead you to your destiny.

Sure we all might like to earn more from our writing. Maybe it is our destiny to work for a couple of years making peanuts. This experience will then help us in later life to reach our full potential.

If a career choice test predicted correctly my path, was my writer’s path also predicted.

As a writer, rejection will be part of your everyday life think of it positively as part of your journey.

Have the faith that you are exactly where you should be on your journey to your destiny.

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