Should You Have a Pen Name as a Writer

Last year I wanted to diversify my writing. I thought I would try writing erotic fiction. Officer Harlan was my first attempt at erotica, it received some brilliant feedback. Over two thousand views in a month. Strangely few people wanted to clap for it and admit they had read erotica. It reminds me of the time 50 Shades was released, kindle sales doubled. No one fancied being caught on the train reading that. As a writer, who is also a teacher the problem with producing erotica was that my students may see it. Although, for many, if they had read it, that would have been the first thing they had read. Still, I couldn’t take the chance, so I used a pen name. I didn’t just use the pen name for this one article. I used it for other articles and Quora. Many writers speak about the benefits of answering questions on Quora. I hated it and deleted it within a week.

How To Support Writers As a Reader.

Why as a reader you should be supporting other writers. As a writer, you can share your wisdom through your writing tips and stories of success. As a reader though you hold all the power. Think about your favourite author. You buy their books, pre-order their new editions and recommend their books. You as the reader have the power to make or break an author. The easiest way to thank these authors for their amazing work is by leaving a positive review. How many of you do this for every read? This reader power is also true on Medium. The first change we saw on Medium was for reading time to be converted into payment. This system personally changed the reader in me. I stopped skim reading and started digesting the work of others.