Three Pieces of Writing Advice I Use In My Life.

Since I started writing I have been amazed at the advice and support I have received from others.

Writers who are well established never worry about you taking readers from them. Instead, they support you, answer your questions and share their experience.

The advice has always helped a great deal, not only with my writing career but personally.

Have more than one income stream

If you talk to many established writers, they tell you not to place all your revenue in one place.

Recently, I left my full-time job for a variety of reasons that I have written about before. As well as concentrating on my writing, I needed another income stream to support it.

I decided to go back to tutoring students on an individual basis. I have worked with the most reluctant students for ten years. It is these young people I chose to tutor. However, I have taken the writing advice to another level. I work for three different companies tutoring across the county. If one of these companies fails to be able to pay me, the other two will still be there.

Writing for various publications and companies is a must. I worry about the writers who only write for Medium. At any time the plug can be pulled on Medium and you would be left with no other income. I think this is highly unlikely, but it could happen.

Give back more than you take

It is essential as a writer that you are not one of those writers that take without giving back. We all know those writers that drop a link into a Facebook group expecting others to read their work, but don’t read yours.

Within life, you should ensure this as well. Don’t be the friend that is always asking for a hand, never prepared to give back. Within work, I will be paid for some of the work I complete and then volunteer at other times. Giving something back to the community.

Have an Editorial Plan

Within writing an editorial plan is a must. What are you going to publish and when? If you write in many niches this is essential. Publish a range of posts throughout the week to appeal to different readers.

An editorial plan for tutoring would be hard to manage. However, within all areas of life, have a plan. Know what you want to achieve and then break that into smaller steps.

Good advice will transfer into all aspects of your life. Take the lessons you learn in one area and transfer them elsewhere.

Which writing advice have you used in your everyday life?

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