How a Positive Mindset Can Help You Achieve

For the last couple of months, I have struggled with negativity. Every hurdle I have met, in setting up my new business, has hit me hard. I worry about money and whether I can keep my families roof over their head.

In all honesty, things are not that bad. If they don’t improve over the next couple of months they could be.

My partner tells me regularly that what we worry about will then manifest. We are giving the universe permission to make our fears come true. With this in mind, it was time to change my mindset.

Start with the small things

The first thing I have done is to start with little changes.

All last year I felt guilty for spending time reading when I could be writing. Before 2019 I would have considered myself a bookworm. On average I read 75 books a year. Last year I managed just 25.

I’m being a fool to myself, I have known for years that my mental health suffers if I don’t read. Yet still, I don’t read. It was all about mindset.

Now I permit myself to read. It is part of my writing journey, I no longer think of it as taking time away from writing. Reading the work of others will improve my writing, not hinder it.

A positive mindset can improve things quickly.

After I started changing my mindset I received a message. As we were going to bed we noticed the toilet was blocked. The old me would have gone into meltdown. Worrying about getting it fixed and how we would afford the expense.

The new me went to bed thinking it will sort itself tomorrow, no matter what we need to do. Two things happened, first I slept like a log. Secondly, I woke up and the toilet had unblocked itself.

Instant recognition that positive thinking works. The universe unblocked my toilet.

Times are tough it is how we deal with them that matters.

There will be many hurdles, I will have to overcome. Despite this, I am determined to continue with a positive mindset. Although times are hard I will concentrate on the here and now. Rather than worrying about bills, I need to pay in February. I will be grateful for the work I am doing. Each day is a step closer to having the bill money.

Life will throw obstacles our way all through it. It is how we cope with it that matters. A positive mindset will not take the problems away, but it will leave you in a better place to cope with them.

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