Three Simple Pieces of Writing Advice That You May Have Missed

There are many things over the two years of writing that I have learnt. The major things such as constructing a post and writing a good headline I have covered before.

There are however many smaller as important facts.

You Don’t Need Expensive Applications

Over the months I have bought a frightening amount of application which have cost a great deal of money. Over the months I have learnt that they are not necessary.

Whenever I buy an application I go back to a free version which is as effective. I have paid for many writing applications on my phone. However, the one I use now is the iPhone notes function. Simple and free.

You don’t need to spend money to be a writer.

Quantity doesn’t matter quality does.

This took me much longer to realise. The ironic fact was I was taking the advice of a writer who had plagiarised my work. Once this realisation hit it was easy enough to give up posting twice a day.

As a writer, you need to find an acceptable publishing schedule. To view posts and people will forget who you are. Too many posts and your quality will suffer. Once you get a schedule you are happy with then stick to it.

Some writers only publish once a month and still make a good living. The secret is to build a following and post regularly. If you always post on a Wednesday and a Saturday keep to this. Followers will soon know the days they have to look out for your content.

Publish regular, quality content and your tribe will follow.

Make thoughtful comments don’t assume anything.

Commenting on people’s posts will also help build your tribe. However, you need to make these thoughtful. As writers, one misplaced comment can turn readers from the rest of your work.

Many months ago I wrote a post about the grief of not having a family. I spoke about the fact that genetics were irrelevant, love was what mattered.

I then received a comment from a lady. She thought my statement was wrong, as an adoptee genetics were important.

I was hurt by her comment. She had virtually told me that my daughter was going to be damaged by me not being her biological mother. I could have fought fire with fire and typed out an abusive reply.

I didn’t because that one comment from me could have lost me, followers. Instead, I informed her that, I respect her opinion, but she knew nothing about my situation. My daughter lives with her biological mother and myself.

She never apologised and that is fine she assumed she knew my situation and as the saying goes she made an ass u me. Her one comment has meant I have never checked any of her work out.

If you get negative comments you can choose how to react. Either walk away and ignore it or reply calmly. I have used both methods. With this particular comment, I had to reply as it had spoken about my family and was personal.

Many writing articles deal with the technicality of writing posts. There is also some excellent advice on all platforms that can help you along the way.

This is three small observations I have made over the two years I have taken my writing seriously.

What little pieces of advice do you have?

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