10 Keyboard Tricks to Increase Productivity on Your iPhone.

As is usual in my life I have taken on too much. I tend to say yes to everything and then realise I can’t do it all. The other thing I am awful at is starting loads of projects and then being able to give none of them my time.

Within the last month, I have been given the opportunity to start my own tutoring company. So now I have a writing career, a new business and a new family. It is more essential than ever that I prioritise my work and complete writing in the moments I have.

As I have mentioned before, I write a large number of my posts on my iPhone. To make this easier I looked into shortcuts to make phone typing even quicker.

10 Tips and Tricks For Typing on Your iPhone.

Turn your keyboard into a tracker pad

This makes moving around a document easier. Hold your finger down on the keyboard until it turns into a tracker pad. You can then move around the document.

Shake to undo

If you wish to undo recent typing then shake your iPhone. The undo option then comes up. Don’t worry if you do this by accident, you always have the option to cancel.

Skim character’s

Rather than typing each letter individually, skim over the keyboard. The iPhone will predict the word you meant to type. I played with it for this article and it is extremely effective. You don’t even need to add spaces.

It will take some practice but could save me hours. For the whole of the article, it got one word wrong.

Skim shift

The same technique works for using shift and the number function. You can capitalise and use punctuation without removing your finger from the screen.


Although this takes some setting up, the iPhone dictation is brilliant. Use it to dictate a post whilst you are doing something else like cooking the dinner.

When you first start the voice recognition it is not brilliant. Over time, however, it recognises your voice and gets better.

One hand mode

Swipe the globe icon at the bottom of the keyboard and switch to one hand. This will sit the keyboard at one side of the screen and make typing even easier. Use this with the swipe method and you can pick up speed.

Text replacement

This takes some setting up but is worth the time it saves. Go into settings, general and then keyboard. You should see the text replacement option. Program your iPhone to recognise a series of letters and replace it with a longer sentence. For example, I have all my email addresses set up like this I type three letters and my whole email shows up.

A word of caution it is best to make these random combinations and not letters found in words. Otherwise, your phone will pop your email address in the middle of your articles.

Copy and paste.

Want to copy a word tap twice. Want to copy a sentence tap three times and the whole sentence is highlighted. This can save the annoyance of having to position the cursor in the right place.

Adding accented characters

Hold your finger on E for a couple of seconds and you will automatically be given the option for accented characters. This works with other letters on the keyboard, experiment with a few.

Use the suggested words

As you type you will be given a list of suggested words at the top of your keyboard. iPhone will predict the next words you may be adding to a sentence. You can pick these suggestions if they fit and the iPhone will add the whole work without having to type it.

Through practising with these techniques I have seen my typing speed increase. It now takes me under half an hour to write an 800-word article.

I choose to edit and publish on my laptop as I find it quicker. Although you could go straight to publishing from your phone.

Writing is about finding those few moments to write and making the most of the time when you have it. Hopefully, these few tips will help increase your productivity further.

What tricks do you use to save time when writing on the go?

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