WordPress versus Medium

There are discussions about whether Medium is a superior platform to WordPress. Medium compensated its writers with revenue as people read your posts.

So which platform should you write for? Here are the advantages of both platforms.

Five Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is all yours.

Your WordPress blog is yours within limits. You have the opportunity to produce a blog with the content you wish. You can decide to include sponsored posts and recommend other writers and products. Medium frowns on sponsored posts and any form of advertising. You can add links to your other sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It is a place where you can keep all your writing in one place.

WordPress is easy.

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms in which to start your website. Within a relatively short space of time, you can have a site set up and be adding content to it. There are paid packages for WordPress. For starts though the free package has enough functionality to set up a blog.

Ease of use, although other blogging sites are not as easy as WordPress. WordPress has many features that make setting up a website both easy and cheap. If you ever get stuck there is a good help section. If this doesn’t work YouTube contains many videos to help you. I have tried many other platforms and have always found WordPress, the easiest.

WordPress gives you artistic control.

Artistic control you can make your site and articles individual to you. There are no rules when you post to your website. Medium doesn’t like sponsored posts and will not curate posts with affiliated links in them. WordPress allows all these things. A good way to make money from your website is to write sponsored links. A word of warning though have a nice mix, don’t make all your posts sponsored. You will lose followers.

WordPress automatically deals with social media marketing.

WordPress lets you automatically share your posts to social media. If set up correctly this will work for scheduled posts as well as those publishing straight away. With a couple of clicks, you can schedule a post for months in advance and have them all posted to your social media.

WordPress allows you a personalised web address.

If you wish to have a personalised web address this is also easy to do with WordPress. Medium does not allow you to have a personal address. You can have an individual profile where all your work is contained, but not your page.

Five Advantages of Medium

Medium has superior SEO.

The SEO on Medium is superior to most sites. Medium is such a market leader for blogs that they command a higher rating on Google searches. Post identical posts on Medium and your website and Medium will always rank higher. I would never advise posting to both sites at the same time, as this could further reduce the SEO of your website.

Medium is easy to format.

For someone who knows nothing about formatting and images, Medium is easy to start writing on. Click new story, write and hit publish. From joining Medium to your first post can take as little time as an hour. Many articles can help you improve your writing as well as your formatting.

Medium is a social site.

Medium is as much a social site as it is a blogging platform. The ease with which you can grow a following is its main selling point. When you write for Medium you have a captive audience. Most people are there to read, so finding readers is easy. You can find yourself with a thousand followers within two months. Something I have never managed to replicate on WordPress.

Medium allows you to publish to publications.

Within Medium there are many publications you can publish to. You can even design your publication around niches you write in. When a publication publishes one of your pieces it is not only seen by your followers, but there’s as well. The use of publications can mean a writer with 50 followers can gain thousands of eyes on their writing.

Medium gives you access to editors.

Another advantage of publications is the support you receive by writing for them. Publication editors can advise you how to format your post, some may even do it for you. They can help new writers learn the craft of writing. Many do this job for free, they are an unappreciated group of selfless people who help others.

As you can see from this list there are clear advantages to both platforms. When deciding which to use, analyse what you want from your writing first. If you want your own space, to do things your way then go for WordPress. If you want a large number of readers in a short time, then try Medium. The decision is down to the individual writer.

If you still can’t decide which platform is best for you, I would suggest trying them both. After a year see which you want to keep. I would wager a bet that you keep both, as both have their advantages.

If you need further help on either of these platforms or generally with your writing, consider letting me mentor you for $10 a month. Together we can take your writing to the next level.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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  1. I recently discovered medium and I’ve been testing it, just to see what happens. Right now I still think I prefer WordPress, but I’ve vowed to give it two months, so I am taking your advice!

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