How Much Income do Viral Posts Generate?

Last week I was lucky enough to gain a viral post. I have had many posts reach over four thousand views, but none have achieved this is such a short space of time.

With my writing I often publish and then walk away, not getting back to the post until the children are in bed. It was the same with this post. When I looked that evening the post had already received over one thousand views. Over the next few days, the numbers kept growing.

At the time of writing this, the stats are as below.

Sam H Arnold

The read ratio of 54% is good for articles. So with these impressive stats, you would have thought I had made a reasonable amount of money on the post. To date, the post has made $3.01. No one is more shocked than me. With stats like this you would have hoped for at least double figures, it was not to be.

SEO perfect

When I further examined the article, the reason was that 97% of the views came from external sources. Google to be more precise. It was clear from this interest, that the SEO was perfect and had attracted many readers. The subject was popular, the connection between Dean Koontz and the Coronavirus. When I checked google the post was ranking fourth in searches.

Viral posts don’t mean profit.

This is important for writers to appreciate. When you strive for a viral post you can get everything right. Yet still earn nothing if the views are external. There is a chance that some of the people that read the post may later join Medium. I may receive the money, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

On reflection had I know that the post would become viral, I would have posted it elsewhere. The post may have been better being published on my website. The extra views would have been valuable to grow the followers.

The post may have also been better posted to vocal media. You are paid per read, regardless of whether the readers are members or not.

As writers, we can spend many hours producing an article. We can get the title correct and the SEO spot on. We can encourage many readers to our articles. Readers can be engaged with the post and read all the way through. Yet still, our payment for it may be a few pennies. This is the lot of the writer on Medium.

It is important when you write on Medium that writers appreciate that this can happen. I would suggest that when writing for Medium you write for the practice. You write for the community, but you don’t write for the money.

Write for the love of writing, if you make extra income from it then rejoice, but don’t write for the money on Medium.

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