How to Use Canva To Produce The Perfect Unique Image for Articles.

Images are an important tool to encourage readers to your post. They are an area that many writers do not consider. A good image can make the difference between success and failure of a post. First, ensure the images you are using are copyright free. Ensure you legally have the right to use them in your article. Several sites offer copyright images the three that I use are Pexels, Unsplash and Pixabay.  The second consideration is which picture you are going to use to describe and add to your article. It is important to remember here that the image doesn’t have to convey the subject manner of the article, but could express the emotion of the article. Where you frightened, then a picture of someone being frightened. Where you angry then find a picture of someone in a rage. Another excellent way to stand out from others is to create a unique picture using Canva. If you read blogs, I am sure you have seen the same images appear over time. Using a unique picture you have designed yourself alleviates this problem.

The Writing Skills You Can Learn From 5 Popular YA Novels.

My earliest memory of reading was going to the library with my mum when I was a toddler to pick my books for the month. My mum is an avid reader and she encouraged our love of reading. The trip was always the same, an hour in the library picking out books, then a play in the park opposite, followed by a picnic. These are some of the most vivid and enjoyable memories I have of childhood. Little did I know at the time that this reading and analysing of text would help me as an author in later life. The book I have started writing this month is a young adult, dystopian. A large amount of my reading in adult life has been young adult, dystopian. Each of these books has taught me a different skill for my writing.

Is There a Better Time to Enhance Your Writing with a Mentor?

One of the positive aspects of a reduced workload is it gives you time to reflect. Reflection is a valuable part of any practice and can help us build a more stable income.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have been examining and analysing data over many social media sites. As writers, it is good to spend time looking at what is working for us and what isn't. As many of my goals for this year have been thrown in the air, it was also a good time to set myself some new goals. 

Five Ways to Get Inspiration in Isolation

If you are waiting for the inspiration to write during these difficult times, it might never come. Professional writers get up every day and write. They create their own inspiration, by sitting at a computer and seeing what happens. It may be that as a writer, you need to force the writing more than ever during these times. Much of my inspiration for writing comes from my everyday life. Things I have seen whilst out working. Phrases and questions the young people I teach have asked me. Where now does this inspiration come from? I have written a few articles on COVID-19, but I don’t want to write only about it. I'm trying to get out of the depression, not stay in it writing about it. As writers, where can we now get our inspiration from when our world consists of the same four walls every day.