3 Reasons to Block Other Writers

Throughout my writing career, I have been lucky to have some brilliant support. I have had my fair share of people who have gone out of their way to support me. I have to start by saying I appreciate every one of you.

The majority of the writing community is supportive and understanding. The biggest unexpected advantage of writing was the community. However, there are always some that spoil the environment. You know the writers, those that only want you to read their work and offer nothing in return. Ultimately, these are the writers who will suffer. Here are the three things that always make me want to block a writer.

The unsupportive writer.

On Facebook, I have a large group for writers who support each other. I was determined to make my group different, by ensuring interaction and support. Daily I check people read and interact with other writers or I remove them. It probably hasn’t earned me many friends, but it is a principle I stick to.

My first reason to block people are writers who don’t support others. I am shocked by how many post a link to their article and don’t read, like or comment on the posts of others. Interaction and support from other writers is so essential.

I don’t understand writers who don’t support others. It takes a couple of minutes to read an article. Put a thoughtful comment, share the post if it warrants it and give 50 claps. On Medium 50 claps, takes no time at all. Claps don’t pay the writer, but they do help advertise a post. Why wouldn’t you give the maximum 50 chaps for a good article?

Tagging other writers for the sake of it

This is especially prominent on Medium. I haven’t seen it so much on websites. This is the process of tagging other writers at the end of the post so they see the article.

The thinking is that if you tag writers at the end of a post they receive notification of this. They will then read your post to see why they were mentioned. It is completely underhand. When I am tagged now, I scroll through the post. If my name is included at the bottom of the post along with another 30 names, I don’t read it. I may also unfollow the writer. I have been known to block people who do this consistently.

This isn’t to be confused with the writer who tags you because they are referencing your work. These writers deserve my attention, I read, comment and like the post.

This is the other reason I hate this tactic. I write a monthly post showcasing the best three posts I have read in the month. I tag the writers in the post so others can find their profile. I now find that not all the writers I showcase read the post. The reason, they have been caught out by the other method too many times. They presume my post is one of them and miss out on the recognition they deserve.

Bad commenting on posts.

I covered some of this on my post last week about criticism. This is more specific though. This is where a writer uses a comment on your work for their gain.

This comes in two ways. The first is a writer who calls you out on an error in your work through the comments. There are always emails and personal messages, so why use a public comment. You do not need to do this through a comment. Putting a comment in the public domain like this is for two reasons. To belittle the writer, by making their mistake public and to make you look better than them. Both are unacceptable in my book and these writers don’t deserve a follow.

This also shows itself as the writer who comments on your work and then leaves a link to their post. They use your work to try and get extra reads. It isn’t okay and it isn’t acceptable. If you want to put links to your work on my articles you will soon find yourself blocked. There are plenty of ways to advertise your work, this is not one of them.

In general, these writers are the exception to the wonderful people you meet. Through my years of writing, I have only blocked a handful of people. One of these was plagiarizing my work. As time goes on though I find my patience wearing thin. As these practices are becoming more common, I feel more writers may be added to this list.

Through my time I have noticed that these writers don’t last long, especially on sites like Medium. Other writers see through their rubbish and their popularity drops.

Being a writer or blogger comes with a degree of responsibility. Be fair and earn the respect of other writers through your actions. Don’t gain reads and followers at the expense of others. Supporting other writers goes a long way.

The golden rule with everything in life is to treat others as you want to be treated.

Sam H Arnold is a UK writer and blogger. Click here to take you writing to the next level and start earning three figures a month, by joining her coaching program.  To follow all her work find her on Facebook or join her Email List.

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