5 Blogging Tips to Save Time

As many of us write as a side hustle, we have to find a time where we can, to write. When you are trying to squeeze all your writing into a couple of hours, it is essential to work smart. Working smart means do as much as you can in the time you have.  these five tips will help you accomplish this.

Email Newsletters

The amount of information other writers share on their newsletters is immense. I could not be without them. There are, however, times when I can’t always read them. I am also a little OCD about my emails, they all have to be sorted by the end of the day. For this reason, if I have several unopened newsletters in my email I have to read them. This can take away my writing time.

The solution I found was to set up a completely separate email address. On my phone, I have installed the app for that mail provider. The emails appear in the inbox and then when I have time, I can read them. This way I give them the attention they deserve, at a time when I am free.

Comments on Posts

Sometimes I read an excellent post and I don’t have an obvious comment. Comments are important to let the writer know you appreciate their post. I tend to read late at night when the children have gone to bed. Sometimes the comments don’t come, mainly because I am tired. This is never a reflection on the writing.

For these posts, rather than moving on, I always share them with social media. It seems the least you can do for a good post. I wouldn’t advise doing this for every article, but for a percentage it saves time.

Scheduling Everything

There are times when I have needed to do something with regards to my writing and something has happened. The task does not get done. For this reason, and to also save time, I schedule as much as I can.

Every Saturday I sit down and schedule all the posts for my Facebook groups as well as my Twitter posts. During the week I will post extra material to my social media, but there is no pressure. I have the minimum already planned.

Not only does this save me time, but also takes the pressure off. For scheduling on social media, I use Hootsuite. The free version of the application is adequate for what I need. For Facebook groups, I use their scheduling feature. This takes me an hour a week at the most and ensures I always have content going out.

Writing on my Phone

I have spoken at length about this in several other posts. The advantages of writing on your phone or tablet should not be overlooked. You can grab five minutes when you need to, without pressure. I use Evernote so that everything I write syncs seamlessly between my phone and laptop. I also have the option of accessing the website version in my lunch break.

If you can’t write on your phone, I suggest, you look at a Bluetooth keyboard to make this easier. Writing on your phone is such an important way to save time, everyone should do it.

Write don’t Edit

This tip might meet some challenge. Writers will say how can you save time if you write and then have to go back to your post to edit. It doesn’t sound logical, but it does work.

When writing without worrying about editing, I can write a 3-4 minute post in half an hour. You work hard as a writer to get the facts and structure of your post, in one sitting. No stopping your thought process or flow to edit. Editing will still take your time.

Even though when you combine the writing and editing time, it will still be less than if you edit as you go through. The article will also flow better.

With these simple tips, I hope that I can save you a few minutes. Take those minutes for yourself. As a writer who works full time, I know how precious time to our self is. To become successful you work smart and produce as much as you can in your time, whilst still looking after yourself.

What is your number one time-saving tip?

Sam H Arnold is a UK writer and blogger. Click here to take you writing to the next level and start earning three figures a month.  To follow all her work find her on Facebook or join her Email List for a copy of her writing tips book.

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