How to Write Articles and Grow a Second Business

You will read many articles that speak about making money as a writer. The majority of the advice they offer is how to format and write articles. There is, however, another way you can make income from the articles you write.

You can use your writing to advertise a second business. This can be through directly linking to the service or product you offer or by growing your brand. Once you have grown your brand and are recognised as an authority in the topic, you can start advertising.

I started writing seriously five years ago. Like many new writers, I thought the money would be rolling in within a year. I read all the articles that said it could take at least five years to build a brand, still, I thought I knew better. My main aim was to make money on the articles I wrote. I had three ideas on how to do this:

  1. sponsored posts
  2. sell my writing to publications
  3. Medium.

None of them worked, I am not saying I haven’t made money. I have, but I have never made enough to be able to give up teaching. This was the dream, to give up working and work from home so I could be with my family.

Build a Second Business.

If writing articles is not making you the money you need, then you need to diversify. First, know that you are not the only writer this has happened to, many of the big names have a second source of income.

What are your other skills?

First, sit down with a cuppa and think about what other skills you have besides writing. Are you a creative person, are you good with social media, are you an amazing cook?

For me it was teaching I had ignored the very skill that I had been using for 25 years professionally. I never worked in mainstream schools. Instead, I chose to work with children considered challenging. The skill I had was taking the most reluctant student and making them learn.

After I had established this skill, it was time to put it into practice. There is no student more reluctant than a first time writer. So I started a coaching business for writers.

For the cooks, you could start doing ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube. Write easy recipes and manuals and sell them as eBooks. For the creative craft people, the same is possible. If you have a skill, there is always a way to make it into a second business.

Once you have established this skill.

Once you have established this skill it is time to make your writing work for you. Four years of writing on any platform will mean you have followers, people who listen to your voice. You can now use this to your advantage, to grow your brand.

For example, if you have chosen to be a social media marketer, then write articles on social media marketing. Give your readers knowledge, establish yourself as an authority in the subject. Give your readers enough information, without giving it all away. The people who pay for your service or book, get the whole story.

One of my main topics for articles is writing tips. People follow my articles because they gain value from them. I have established myself on this topic. When I then offer coaching in writing, readers know my work. They know my advice, it may have helped them in the past. Who are they more likely to trust with coaching them, a stranger or someone they feel they know.

Your writing can be your free advertising.

Keep writing articles that relate to your second business. On platforms that let you advertise at the end of posts, drop a link to your business. On each of my articles, on my website, is a link to my coaching business. On my social media such as Twitter and Facebook is a link to my business. On the bottom of my Medium posts is a link to my social media. A continuous cycle of advertising through my work.

If you write quality posts, then people will make the effort to look for your work on other platforms. If you write an eBook and people see your name on Amazon they are more likely to pick up a copy. Establish yourself as a brand and then use this to your full advantage.

Writing is a difficult profession. Many writers will earn a four-figure salary in a few years, others will need to diversify. Your brand is what matters to earn money. Some writers will write for the fun, but many of us need to rely on this income to feed our family. You should not feel bad about needed several branches to make a satisfactory income. In fact, as a writing coach, I always advise people to have more than one revenue stream.

More money is always nice. It is also advisable not to have all your income from one source. Imagine if Medium closed tomorrow, could you still earn money? It is not likely to happen, but possible. Use your writing on a variety of platforms to grow your brand and a second side hustle. Maybe this side hustle is the one that becomes your main hustle.

Originally published with Publishous

Sam H Arnold is a UK writer and blogger. Click here to take you writing to the next level and start earning three figures a month, by joining her coaching program.  To follow all her work find her on Facebook or join her Email List.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

2 thoughts on “How to Write Articles and Grow a Second Business

  1. I too have taken a stab at Medium for its moneymaking possibilities, but now I just hang around because I enjoy having my work accepted for publication. Love these insights about using your writing to promote your second hustle. Thanks for sharing, Sam!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem. This week I published a post and didn’t lock it, so will make no money from Medium on it. What I have sold though is $35 of services. Much more than the post would have made. It’s worth considering unlocking some posts as well.


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