As Writers and Bloggers How Can Studying Top Writers Improve Our Writing.

Top writers are where you want to be. They gain this title because they put in consistent effort in their chosen niche. They have worked hard and found a formula that works. Through their posts, you can analyse their work and learn a great deal about writing. It is important to recognise that when I speak about studying what they do, I do not mean copying their work. I had a writer plagiarise my work six months ago and it was the worse experience. Rather than looking at their content, I mean study their style. Whether you are a writer of blogs, articles, or books the advice is the same. It is an advantage to pick up a leading writer’s work, in your genre and study it.

How to Honor The Muscle, No matter How Small You see it Right Now by Selma Martin

I grew up in a culture where people recited an unwritten mantra that sounded something like this, “I will be happy when I can… if I can…”  This mentality, as you can already tell, comes with undercurrents of scarcity. You can see that, right? The future.Oh, the anticipation of that day!  Oh, the happiness you’ll experience then!  This is what emotion researchers call the hedonic treadmill. It’s something they say we do; working very hard to reach a goal that will result in happiness. Later.

Want to Make Money Writing Online? This is an Essential.

It is rare as a writing coach that I recommend any products. This product is so good however, I have to mention it. The author has also kindly offered the subscription at a discounted price. This is open to all my readers. The Blogging Guide is a complete guide on marketing your work to earn an income from it. As said the yearly subscription has been discounted to just $40 a year. Although this might seem a large commitment, I estimate that my subscription will pay for itself in a month. Even though I have written on Medium for three years, I still learned more than I knew. Actioning these tips and tricks have seen me earn more money this month than any other month

Why You Have to Write Evergreen Content

Unless you live in a cave you cannot escape the number of COVID-19 and isolation articles. I have written a couple. These posts though are not evergreen. Although people will read them for a while they will not keep wanting to read them. An evergreen post is an article that will have writers reading it for years to come. A good post on writing tips could be viewed every week, for years to come. Some of the advice I gave three years ago is as relevant today. Evergreen posts like the trees will keep blooming long after they are planted.

Can A Back Catalogue Still Make Money

For the year I have been writing on Medium I have posted five times a week most weeks. Like any writer, I have set myself a gruelling schedule. This weekend I posted on Twitter that everything I had written recently was rubbish. Not one half-finished draft thrust itself forward as a post. The advice I received was heartfelt. Whether it was advice on how to go forward or posts to say writers had been there. Each comment was a little hidden gem. The growth I feel is the result of posting to there first and then pulling my writing tips posts through to Medium. Yes, I am giving the advice away for free. I have advocated for this in several of my articles recently. You can make money other ways from your website.

Showcase Sunday – What To Do When Your Brilliant Idea Falls Flat by Froyle Davies

The creativity train left the station, and you weren’t on it. It just happens sometimes. At the moment, I am working on a collection of small paintings for my studio sale in November. Things have been progressing along great, each painting is unique and beautiful. I have eleven almost finished small artworks. But today, I have … Continue reading Showcase Sunday – What To Do When Your Brilliant Idea Falls Flat by Froyle Davies