Why You Have to Write Evergreen Content

Unless you live in a cave you cannot escape the number of COVID-19 and isolation articles. I have written a couple. These posts though are not evergreen. Although people will read them for a while they will not keep wanting to read them.

An evergreen post is an article that will have writers reading it for years to come. A good post on writing tips could be viewed every week, for years to come. Some of the advice I gave three years ago is as relevant today. Evergreen posts like the trees will keep blooming long after they are planted.

There have been many writers, that I have observed, who only write COVID related stories. As a writing coach, I worry about these writers. To a certain extent these are unprecedented times, people for time to come will want to read about it. They will read about it in ten years, but will anyone read about it for the years afterward when it is still in our memories.

One writer I worked with on my mentoring course, only wanted help for one month. He wanted to write posts about COVID and that was it. As a technique, there is nothing wrong with that. However, for platforms like Medium, I would state this is an awful strategy. Followers take time to build on any platform. If you want to write one-off articles about a specific time, I would suggest pitching to other magazines. You will not grow a following in time, for your words to have an impact.

Evergreen content is essential to writers.

Evergreen content is content that lasts. Whether it is viewed today or in five years it is as relevant and factual as the day it was written. As writers, you have to have evergreen content as it is these articles that make you money for years to come.

My most popular article ever was written in July 2018. Every month without fail it makes me money. Maybe a couple of cents, but every month it is read and earns money.

5 Tips for Attracting Readers with a Killer First Sentence. 

It is so popular it was the article that was plagiarised by a very popular writer on Medium. I should have been flattered, I wasn’t. The post is evergreen because it is as relevant today as the day I wrote it.

I have many articles like this. These are the articles that bring me in money for months. If you add curation to these articles, then you can earn a reasonable income from them every month. It is these posts that I am hoping will sustain my income over this month of experimentation. Will my back catalog sustain my income? This is why as writers you should all be writing evergreen content. Once you have a back catalog of articles you will see your income increase.

Writing Evergreen Posts

What are you interested in? What did you need to find out about when you started writing? Could you use this knowledge to write an article that will show others how to start writing, for years to come?

Personal interest stories by their essence are evergreen. What you have overcome in your life, could be relevant to help someone else for years to come. If you have left an abusive relationship in five years your friend might read your article. It could give them the strength to leave their relationship.

To ensure your posts are evergreen. When you sit down to write, think about whether a couple of tweaks could help make them relevant for years to come. For example, I recently wrote a post about writing during the lockdown. Instead, I altered the angle I wrote from and changed the title to Five Ways to Get Inspired in Isolation.  The post is now relevant for the times today and in the future for anyone isolated. It isn’t connected to lockdown and COVID anymore.

If the advice you are giving, will be as relevant today as it is tomorrow, you need to show that. Ensure your title and introduction allow people to see the relevance for years to come. With regards to posts on racism, you might say that these are not evergreen. I have to say I fear they will be, I hope they won’t. How amazing would a future be where racism no longer needed to be discussed as it was irrelevant. Still, these posts will hold some historical reference of how stupid as a nation we were.

A good evergreen article will make you money for years to come. As writers, we should ensure that at least 75% of our posts are evergreen. Think of it as a pension that will keep paying you years after you write them. Take advantage of the time you have in front of you to write posts that last for years.

Sam H Arnold is a UK writer and blogger. Click here to take your writing to the next level and start earning three figures a month.  To follow all her work find her on Facebook or join her Email List for a copy of her writing tips book. 

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

3 thoughts on “Why You Have to Write Evergreen Content

  1. Agreed! I feel that a balanced blog needs to have both seasonal and evergreen content, so that it can cater to more audiences. After all, it’s great to have some Covid content to mark this point in history. Thanks for sharing, Sam!

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  2. I think that a writer could make a “seasonal” article last a bit longer by drawing out a timeless lesson from it. All observations come from some particular experience. The universal can be found in the microscopic.

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