Want to Make Money Writing Online? This is an Essential.

It is rare as a writing coach that I recommend any products. This product is so good however, I have to mention it. The author has also kindly offered the subscription at a discounted price. This is open to all my readers.

The Blogging Guide is a complete guide on marketing your work to earn an income from it. As said the yearly subscription has been discounted to just $40 a year. Although this might seem a large commitment, I estimate that my subscription will pay for itself in a month. Even though I have written on Medium for three years, I still learned more than I knew. Actioning these tips and tricks have seen me earn more money this month than any other month.

  • You will receive concise and actionable articles sent straight to your email. These tips will not only offer tips for Medium but also links to selling your work elsewhere.
  • The yearly fee, not only gives you access to new articles but access to a huge back catalogue. Unlike most newsletters, the content on The Blogging Guide is evergreen. It is relevant whenever you access it.
  • You are also offered the opportunity to download digital products. Products such as customised article page dividers and drop capitals. Tools that will make your articles stand out from the crowd. If you purchased these products on their own they would cost $20.
  • Monthly the author does extensive research on earning across Medium. This data is shared with you, as well as techniques for you to reach these levels.
  • Access to the author’s media contact list, which gives a detailed analysis of markets to submit to. Places you can pitch your writing that will earn you money from your writing. The package alone is valued at $200, honestly, I think it is a product you can’t put a value on. With the right level of work from this list alone you could look at making a four-figure salary, monthly.
  • Lastly, you gain access to a dedicated slack group. In this group, you can ask questions and learn from others. It is a safe environment to develop your writing.

I took the decision when I started my website not to add advertising to it, for this very reason. I want to be a writing coach that supports others without writers having to spend money. However, this product is too good not to pass on, especially as it has kindly been discounted for you all.

I have known the author of The Blogging Guidefor a year or more and he is my kind of writer. Casey Botticello has a similar ethos to me with regards to helping other writers. He gives back far more than he receives. He has always been there to help with advice.

If you want to earn money from writing, then spending $40 on your dream is value for money. Writers need to invest in themselves to be a success. This is the first product I have felt comfortable to recommend to you, that is how exceptional the offer is. Don’t delay click now and take advantage of the 20% discounted price for a year’s subscription.

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Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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