How Not to Get Attention Writing

There are several ways to get attention, writing. I have written many times about these in my writing publication.

There are also three tricks that most seasoned writers find underhand.

  1. Putting links to your articles in the comments – this is by far the worse. What makes you think that you can use the success of someone else’s article to advertise your own. I remove the comment, several of my colleagues block the writer. It isn’t okay and you will lose followers.
  2. Tagging everyone in a post just so they see it. No one should be that desperate for reads. I refuse to read the post, again others block.
  3. Putting comments on Facebook groups that say ’I read yours please read mine.’ It sounds desperate and few people will respond, see point one for the explanation, it’s no different.

Writing is hard and gaining followers is harder, but don’t use the success of others to further your career. There is nothing quicker to damage your reputation.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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