Ko-Fi Anyone — Is This The New Big Publishing Platform to Make Money

As a writer, you have to have a portfolio of your work to share with prospective job opportunities. Many people will say that they have Medium as their portfolio of work. However, there is a problem with this. Unless your prospective employer is a Medium member, they will not be able to read your locked posts. You could send them some samples of your work, but this is time-consuming. This has been the conversation going around in my head for the last three months.

I was scrolling through Twitter and a writer, I greatly admire, was asking for people to donate her a coffee. I clicked through and bought her a coffee and stumbled across the site Ko-Fi. Bookmarking it for a look later I went on with my day, having bought a friend a Starbucks. When I went back I realised, here was the platform that could solve my portfolio problem.

What is Ko-Fi

On the first inspection, Ko-Fi looked nothing more than a just giving style page, when you dive in it is so much more. The site is an area to showcase your work. You can add such a variety of material to it. Want to share your pictures with your followers, no problem. Want to add a video, not a problem. Blog posts, not a problem.

On this platform, you can feature all your work. You can also ask for a donation, to yes buy a coffee. There is no expectation for people to support you, they still see your content, but the option is there. At the bottom of each post is a short message to ask for a donation.

You have the facility to share these posts with Facebook and Twitter. There is also the facility to add a link to all your social media including your website.

The gold membership, which is reasonably priced, allows you to customise what you are asking for support for. You can change buy a coffee, to a button of your choice. As a gold member, you can also set up monthly subscriptions and add subscriber-only content. You can use Paypal for this or your Stripe account.

Blog Posting on Ko-Fi

From speaking to other people on Ko-Fi, this is a new feature. The blog posting interface is simple to use. There isn’t the functionality to set headers at the moment, but there is enough to make your posts stand out.

As blog post adding is new, it would appear that the developers are adding new features all the time. More functionality will be coming I am sure. At present, I am impressed with the clean interface and the way the posts look.

Ko-Fi as an alternative to Medium

Huge changes are happening on Medium. The changes to the interface, so that you can design your own profile, has angered some members. The clean fresh white on black articles could be disappearing soon.

This week Medium also announced a change to its terms and conditions. This has caused many members to question whether they still want their articles on Medium. I am not one of those, I have to say. 

But if you feel like this, it is possible that Ko-Fi could be the answer for you. A place that you can share your information and know that your content is owned by you. With the subscriber-only content, you can also lock your posts. You won’t earn an increased amount of money, but if every reader donates you a coffee you might earn more than Medium.

As with other platforms, you will need to add engaging content and build a following. Ko-Fi offers the facility to follow people that you like.

Many writers speak to me about coming to Medium at the wrong time. They wish they had found it when it started. Starting with a platform at the right time is half the battle to making money. This could be your opportunity with Ko-Fi. I believe this is a platform that is set to grown. I am pleased I have found it, as new features are being developed and added.

I will be using this as a portfolio of my work as well as a place that supporters can buy me a coffee. If you are a writer who edits publications for nothing and runs Facebook groups, a small proportion may wish to buy you a coffee to say thank you. Either way here is a platform where your work can be viewed without being a member. An ideal situation for prospective job opportunities.

I am not getting paid to advertise Ko-Fi, this is not a sponsored post. I share this because I believe that it is a valuable resource for all writers. If you do jump on board then drop me a link to your page in the comments and I will give you a follow. Check out my page to see how this could work for you. I am very excited by this site, it is a genuine new website to feature your work. Any questions about it, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading. Click here to get a free copy of my blogging tips book.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

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