When You Should Consider Unlocking Your Article on Medium

Many months ago, I wrote a post about the benefits of unlocking some of your posts. It is a strategy I have stuck with over the years. No more so than now.

Recently, I had a crazy idea to start a community publication dedicated to one-minute articles. Not as easy as it sounds. You have to know your craft and be concise with your message in one minute.

So difficult, that one of my favourite writers on Medium messaged me to say she had to delete her post twice. It slipped over the one minute mark and she had to make cuts.

The posts are one minute so the chances of making any money from them are very small. When the changes happened on Medium many poets lost considerable income, because of this fact. There are exceptions, but generally speaking, short work is not going to make much money.

So when should you unlock your posts?

I have three reasons when I unlock a post and I would suggest you consider doing the same.

The first time is for the majority of my one minute posts. The writing is a good introduction to my work. I hope that readers like what I have produced and then go searching for my locked posts.

If I have written several posts on the subject of Medium in a short time. Medium will not curate posts like this. Why get the curators to a place where they ignore your work because you are known only to write about Medium.

The final reason will be if the post contains too many links and is closer to a update and advertising post than new information. With these posts, I am more likely to make them newsletters than actual articles.

As writers, I would suggest you consider this idea. If we want people to sign up and pay the subscription we need to offer them an incentive. Imagine you walked into a supermarket and all the food was hidden. You wouldn’t buy the goods. Medium is no different, we need to offer readers something before they sign up.

Once these readers have a taste of your work, they will go to find your back catalogue, if they like you. These readers will then only have three posts to read a month. They may consider subscribing. If they do subscribe within a month, you will see the payment for your locked posts.

Medium is a community. What better way of establishing it than offering something for free. Sometimes it is more important to use Medium as an introduction to your writing than making money out of it.

Published by Sam H Arnold

Sam H Arnold is a writer of True Crime, Parenting and Writing Tips articles. If you have enjoyed her work you might consider donating her a coffee on Ko-Fi. Links to this and all her other work can be found on the about me page.

One thought on “When You Should Consider Unlocking Your Article on Medium

  1. That’s pretty interesting. I can’t say I’ve written any unlocked posts, but most of my pieces are five minutes and up anyway. Anyhoo, they’re all unlocked on my blog so I figured why not just leave it that way on Medium. Thanks for sharing, Sam!

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